In Chillon, the Brotherhood of Guillon is reframed

In Chillon, the Brotherhood of Guillon is reframed

Remy Brousoz

Published today at 7:33 p.m.

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LED lamps instead of candles. It’s true that the charm is not the same. Even less within a thousand-year-old building. However, this is the new regime to which the Brotherhood of Guillon must submit, which holds its famous “resats” 14 times a year at the Château de Chillon. The organization, which aims to illustrate and promote the Vaudois vineyards, has in fact had new fire standards imposed on it. A small upheaval for this society – the second largest Bacchic brotherhood in the world with 4,100 members on the register – which has been accustomed to meeting in the historic monument for 70 years.

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