The PLR ​​torpedoes free public transport for young people

Having 2023 accounts in good shape, the Geneva Council of State had decided to benefit young people by offering them free public transport (TPG). But an initial debate requiring the extension of the measure to those over 65 caused the project to be delayed, because, for it to be legal, it is necessary to specify who this measure is aimed at. What the Grand Council decided to do Thursday evening, each party having its own ideas.

The Council of State offered free access to unemployed young people aged 6 to 24. The PLR ​​says yes, provided that they live on Geneva territory. The Center is adding support for half of the subscriptions to AVS and AI beneficiaries domiciled in the canton. The MCG wants to limit the measure to city residents.

The PS agrees for these two populations, but without specifying the address, and adds the measure that TPG prices are the responsibility of the Grand Council. Faced with all these proposals, the PLR ​​requested a referral to committee which was refused. Seeing that the Center’s proposal has a chance of passing, while the PLR ​​does not want the extension for the AVS and the AI, the right-wing party has found how to avoid it, explains the “Tribune de Genève” .

To everyone’s surprise, the PLR ​​voted for the socialist amendment, knowing that without specifying address, this would not please the MCG and the UDC. This is what happened during the final vote on the law: the MCG and the UDC said no, part of the Center too and, obviously, the PLR ​​turned around and said no to the whole : the text is rejected by 50 no to 47 yes.

Result: young people will continue to pay for their public transport despite the state’s full coffers while waiting for the project to come back on the table. But, as the “Tribune de Genève” points out, the tax reduction that the right and the Council of State have proposed in view of the accounts should be accepted much more quickly.



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