Francesca Bridgerton’s other great love revealed at the last minute

Francesca Bridgerton’s other great love revealed at the last minute
Francesca Bridgerton’s other great love revealed at the last minute

Hannah Dodd, the interpreter of Francesca Bridgerton.

Jess Brownell, one of the producers of the series, reveals that the story of young Francesca Bridgerton is absolutely not over. In season 4, the young woman would be divided between her husband… and his cousin.

In the last episode of season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles , after her marriage, Francesca Bridgerton meets Michaela Sterling, her husband’s cousin. Francesca then loses all her means, even becoming incapable of introducing herself to the young woman. Showrunner Jess Brownell spoke about this mysterious character to Deadline on June 13.

She reveals that Sterling is, in reality, Francesca Bridgerton’s other great love, since her first husband died of an aneurysm. “When I read the book, as a queer woman (part of the LGBTQ+ community, Editor’s note.), I recognized myself in her story”she assures. “Perhaps in a way that Julia Quinn (the books’ author) hadn’t anticipated, but a big part of Francesca’s story is that she feels different from the rest of her. his family and the world around him without really knowing why.”

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Jess Brownell continues by conceding that the book relates more to the introverted side of the young woman than anything else. “But I think that for some queer people, (…) this feeling of being different is similar to the one we have when we are young, it is part of our stories as queer people”she relates before addressing the fact that Michaela is Michael in the books. “So changing the gender of Michael’s character was very natural.”

The showrunner also spoke to Teen Vogue on June 14, to explain that this change was made hand in hand with the author of the books. “When we decided to tell a queer story with Francesca, I talked to Julia Quinn about it, and she gave her blessing”assures Jess Brownell. “We also talked about the fact that when adapting any book, there are bound to be disappointed people among the fans.”

“Benedict already appears as a queer character in seasons 1 and 2”

Jess Brownell in the columns of Deadline

In his interview with Deadline, Jess Brownell also spoke about the second son of the Bridgeton family: Benedict. In the third season, the latter finds himself in a love triangle with Lady Tilley Arnold and Mr. Paul Suarez. A plot decided a long time ago for the writers and creators of the series.

“For me and so many others among the creators of BridgertonBenedict already appears as a queer character in seasons 1 and 2 »she relates about the one who moves from story to love story since the start of the series. “I think that in his story, through the seasons, he is searching for who he really is even though he doesn’t feel like he has his place in the Queen’s court”deciphers Bronwell. “He feels a bit like an outsider.”

If his future wife Sophie has not yet made her appearance on screen, Jess Brownell indicates that she will not be long. In the final moments of season 3, Eloise and Benedict talk about their mother’s annual masked ball: this is precisely when he meets Sophie in the books. “I think he will continue to explore his fluidity (in love) in the series, we are not finished exploring this side of Benedict”she assures. “As for Sophie, I can’t say yet when she will arrive, but we will announce more soon.”



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