Karim hides Malik’s letter and Audrey is the victim of an attack (Complete summary of episode 1713)

“Tomorrow We Belong” in advance with the detailed and complete summary of episode 1713 of Friday June 21, 2024 – In this new episode which will be broadcast Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1, Karim hides Malik’s letter from Rayane while Audrey is victim of an attack.

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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary of the episode of June 21, 2024

Charles wants the Star Academy to open the hut

At the Three Dykes hut, Victor and Charles are conducting interviews to recruit seasonal workers. Charles gives his opinion on the last candidate. He thought he was going to manage the hut, but Victor makes him understand that he is considering taking him on as a waiter. Rachel interrupts them to order a drink. Charles politely explains to her that the establishment has not yet opened and suggests that she come back the next day, he will serve her with pleasure. But a little later, the young woman returns and applies for a job as a waitress. Afterwards, Nordine meets Rachel at the Spoon for coffee. She tells him about her hiring at the hut and her intention to stay in Sète. Nordine warns her about Victor Brunet and explains that he is a businessman with a bad reputation. At the end of the day, Charles finds Victor and asks him if he knows about Star Academy. Timothée, present, knows the show well. He has watched all seasons, but denies being a fan. Charles then tells them that he plans to bring two candidates from this season for a show. Victor is doubtful, but agrees to consider entrusting him with the management of the straw hut if he succeeds.

Karim hides Malik’s letter from Rayane

Christophe Bonello threatens Rayane with his weapon, convinced that the latter has reported him to the police. However, he quickly calms down when he realizes that Rayane is not wearing a microphone. The teenager then gives Bonello an envelope containing the money from the sale of the last boosters and asks him to give him his father’s letter. But Bonello demands in return that Rayane sells a last batch of boosters and leaves him until noon the next day. Then he leaves the place. A few minutes later, as Bonello stopped at a red light, a police car appeared and positioned itself across the street. Aurore and Nordine arrest him. Aurore points out to Bonello that he should have checked the amount of money and shows him the tracer on the notes.

The next day, Martin and Aurore question Bonello who proclaims his innocence. He requests the presence of his lawyer. Martin points out that he is not going to prevent him from getting 20 years in prison. Then, Aurore explains to him that the weapon found on him the day before is of the same caliber as the one that killed Alkan, his friend and associate.

For his part, Karim goes to see his nephew in the cell reserved for police custody. He tells Rayane that he had the right reflex in getting rid of the microphone. His nephew replies that he didn’t think, that he panicked when he saw that Bonello had changed the meeting place. Rayane then asks her uncle what will happen to him now. Karim explains to him that his police custody will be lifted and that he will be presented before a judge. Karim then advises his nephew to listen to his lawyer and let her speak to the judge. Then, he gives her an envelope supposed to contain her father’s letter, but it only contains blank sheets of paper. Rayane feels the blow with difficulty.

At the Roussels’ house, Jack is brooding and pretends to his mother that everything is fine. But Audrey is not fooled and asks her son if he has heard from Rayane. Jack replies that he has blocked his number, and that he is therefore not likely to receive any. Audrey finds this reaction a little extreme and points out to her son that Rayane might perhaps want to explain things to him. But Jack thinks that his ex-boyfriend doesn’t care about him and deplores that Rayane didn’t tell him the truth sooner. Audrey assumes that Rayane was probably afraid to talk to him and emphasizes that even in a relationship, certain subjects remain difficult to discuss.

At the police station, Martin wants to have a private conversation with Karim. The latter quickly understands that the IGPN wishes to open an investigation concerning him and that Martin is forced to suspend him. He gives him his badge and his weapon. He takes the opportunity to apologize to his colleagues for lying to them. He then assures them that he has a lot of respect for each of them and that he did not intend to hurt them. Then he leaves the police station.

At the Spoon, Jordan and Violette have a drink together. They learned that Rayane was the booster seller at high school, but Violette doesn’t blame him. She emphasizes that he did not force her to take it and assumes her share of responsibility for what happened to him. Jordan confides to him that he was worried about him. Violette hopes he doesn’t hold a grudge against her because she hasn’t been very nice to him lately. “Not for a second,” Jordan replies.

Not far from there, Damien returns home and announces to Jack that Rayane is appearing before the judge. Jack confides to him that he knew that Rayane was dealing and that is why they separated. During the conversation, Jack learns that the drug trafficker had threatened to attack him if Rayane did not obey him and that Rayane therefore left him to protect him.

Not far from there, Raphaëlle receives Rayane in her office and informs her that the judge of liberties has been lenient. He gets out with a measure of judicial control, which means he will not go to prison. He is free pending trial. A little later, Rayane records a voice message for Jack in which he apologizes and declares his love for her, but he ultimately decides to delete it.

Karim is alone at home and reads the famous letter that Malik wrote to Rayane and that Bonello had in his possession. He is overwhelmed by these few lines: “Rayane, I know that I have not always been an exemplary father, but I have always been a man of his word who has values. You know. And courage is part of it, including courage in the face of the truth.” Could Karim be Rayane’s biological father?

Karim rushes to hide the letter in a locked drawer when he hears Rayane coming home. The teenager feels guilty because his uncle was suspended because of him. Karim replies that he has no regrets, then he adds that if he had been more present for him, he could have avoided all these troubles.

Audrey is the victim of an attack

Bastien is about to go out and John asks him where he is going. The teenager explains that he is going to revise his French baccalaureate with friends. Then, he suggests to his father that they watch the latest Marvel movie tonight and order pizza. But John already has something planned. He has a date with his girlfriend. At the end of the day, Bastien goes to his father’s garage and notices that he is not there. He then sees Audrey lying on the ground, she is unconscious. It is obvious that she was the victim of an attack.

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