the loss of your child, the drama of your life

At 59 years old, Lucien Jean-Baptiste boasts an impressive filmography. This French director and actor has distinguished himself in particular with films like The First Star (2009), He already has your eyes (2016) and Crossing (2021).

In addition to his films and series, Lucien Jean-Baptiste has had a great career in dubbing. He is particularly known for dubbing the voices of actors Ice Cube, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in series and films. His voice as much as his face are now known to General public. However, he started his career late after a family drama.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste began his career in cinema after the loss of a child

Little is known about Lucien Jean-Baptiste’s past. For good reason, this actor and director has never really given himself over his private life in the media. The success he eventually achieved in French cinema did not spill over into his family life either. However, this famous actor has already spoken about what pushed him to embark on this career, in an interview with the magazine Biba.

“I lost a child at 30”, admitted Lucien Jean-Baptiste during this interview. The French actor, however, did not give many more details on this episode of his life. On the other hand, he gave much more information about the repercussions of this family loss on his life. It was in fact after losing his child that he decided to become an actor and director.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste

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photo credit: Shutterstock Lucien Jean-Baptiste

A drama that pushed Lucien Jean-Baptiste to realize his dream

This personal drama led to a profound upheaval in the life of Lucien Jean-Baptiste. Until then, the actor worked mainly in events. When he was younger, he had dreamed of becoming an actor and getting into cinema. However, he ended up putting these ambitions aside to choose a completely different path.

“I was working in events at the time, it all had to make sense, so I reactivated this childhood dream of becoming an actor. I didn’t necessarily want to do cinema, but theater”, he said. The actor then decided to take lessons. “I signed up for the Florent course. And There you go. My angel always watches over me », explained Lucien Jean-Baptiste. This risk taking thus proved profitable for the actor.

photo credit: Shutterstock Director Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Lucien Jean-Baptiste returns to the screens this Sunday with Crossing

If you appreciate the style and acting of Lucien Jean-Baptiste, you may be interested in the rebroadcast of Crossing This Sunday May 5on France 2. Produced by Varante Soudjianthis comedy involves an original story in a boat, as part of a crossing of the Mediterranean.

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In this film, Lucien Jean-Baptiste plays one of the two main characters, a certain Alex. The latter is an educator who wanted to organize this sea crossing with five out-of-school adolescents. However, their project takes an unexpected turn when they all embark together with Riton, their skipper and former cop who has the particularity of not liking the teenagers with whom the trip must take place.



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