Montpellier: a case of indigenous dengue fever recorded, a prevention operation planned

Montpellier: a case of indigenous dengue fever recorded, a prevention operation planned
Montpellier: a case of indigenous dengue fever recorded, a prevention operation planned


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Jul 8, 2024 at 1:04 PM

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A case of dengue fever has appeared in Montpellier. This Monday, July 8the Regional Health Authority (ARS) of Occitanie indicates that this case is “autochthonous”, that is to say that the people who contracted the virus had not traveled to a tropical zone recently. “His state of health does not inspire concern”, mentions the ARS in a press release.

This case of indigenous dengue fever is the first recorded in metropolitan France this season. In 2023, over the entire tiger mosquito surveillance season, 22 cases of indigenous dengue fever were reported in Occitanie.

What is dengue fever?

Dengue fever is spread by the bite of a tiger mosquito that has been previously infected with the virus after biting an infected person. The disease is usually mild and its symptoms resemble those of a severe flu, including high fever, joint pain, headache, and sudden, debilitating fatigue. The dengue virus is particularly widespread in tropical areas, such as the West Indies, where Guadeloupe and Martinique are currently experiencing an epidemic phase.

The ARS reminds us that it is essential to eliminate sources of stagnant water in plants, pots, tanks, swimming pools, watering cans and other surfaces likely to collect rainwater in order to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

Reinforced preventive measures

To prevent the spread of the virus, reinforced measures are in place in the areas frequented by the infected person in Montpellier (Port Marianne) and Pérols (between the old town and the cemetery). These measures, carried out by the State services, the ARS Occitanie, Public Health France, health professionals and the mosquito control operator, include:

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  • Targeted mosquito control to eliminate larvae and adult mosquitoes in residential areas and areas where the sick person passes through, with prior information provided to local residents. This operation will take place at the beginning of the week
  • Awareness-raising among health professionals on reporting new cases of dengue fever to the ARS, carried out on July 5
  • A proximity survey to identify other possible infected people in risk areas

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