Legislative elections in Yvelines: between Rousseau, Hai and de Rozières, a seasoned triangular…

Legislative elections in Yvelines: between Rousseau, Hai and de Rozières, a seasoned triangular…
Legislative elections in Yvelines: between Rousseau, Hai and de Rozières, a seasoned triangular…

With tackles and uppercuts on social media, the saga never ends. The pressure is mounting in the 7th constituency of Yvelines (Conflans, Chanteloup-les-Vignes). At the heart of a three-way race, the second round of the legislative elections will pit former Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau, invested by the New Popular Front (NFP), outgoing MP (Ensemble) and former minister Nadia Hai against media restaurateur Babette de Rozières (LR-RN) on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Nadia Hai relayed on her X account a petition from the change.org platform and entitled “Nadia Hai, withdraw in the name of the Republican Front”. The document had collected around 500 signatures by Thursday evening. It conveys false information, according to which the former Minister Delegate for Urban Affairs came third in the first round and should, as such, withdraw her candidacy to block the National Rally, by virtue of her “sense of responsibility”.

On the evening of the first round, Nadia Hai actually finished second with 29.32%, behind Aurélien Rousseau (34.68%). Third place is occupied by Babette de Rozières (25.79%), TV presenter and restaurateur in Maule, who is running under the LR-RN banner, at the invitation of Éric Ciotti.

“A massive disinformation campaign”

Directly challenging her left-wing opponent on X, Nadia Hai, who filed a complaint, asks this question: “Do you condemn this massive disinformation campaign led by NFP activists four days before the election?”

“Aurélien Rousseau never said that Nadia Hai came third, and never provoked or supported any low-level provocation, nor called for her withdrawal. Everyone takes their responsibilities in conscience, commented on Thursday in the entourage of the former minister of the Borne government. He said unambiguously that he would have withdrawn if he had come behind her. That is not the choice she made.”

The same commentator also believes that Nadia Hai’s campaign, “in particular her profession of faith, as aggressive as it is absurd and mendacious” uses “a method and procedures that are sometimes dishonest”. “I am astounded by the tone and direction of this profession of faith,” Aurélien Rousseau told Le Parisien. “To pass myself off as a communitarian who would like to disarm the police… The moment is too serious to allow such shameless lies, so contrary to everything I am and everything I have done in the service of the State.”

On X, still referring to the profession of faith of his opponent from the presidential camp, he wrote this Thursday: “The left would propose to disarm the police… There are lies harsher than others. I had the honor of serving the Republic at Matignon on the tragic night of November 13, 2015. I know what we owe to the forces of law and order. I know the courage of the republican police.”

A “deal” to make Aurélien Rousseau lose?

The latest spice in the pot, the revelations, this Wednesday, from our colleagues at L’Express, according to which Babette de Rozières, the LR-RN candidate, was contacted in the middle of the night, Tuesday July 2, by a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, the former regional councilor Thierry Solère. The evening visitor is said to have asked Babette de Rozières to withdraw her candidacy. A position “as prefect or minister” was allegedly offered to her in exchange for her cooperation. Speaking to L’Express, Thierry de Solère does not deny the phone call but denies “job haggling”.

The aim, according to the chef, was to favour the Macronist Nadia Hai, to the detriment of Aurélien Rousseau. The short-lived Minister of Health (between July 2023 and his resignation five months later) had slammed the door on the Avenue de Ségur after the vote on the immigration bill. “Aurélien Rousseau has just learned in L’Express that the Élysée has proposed a deal to the far-right candidate to make him lose. She (Nadia Hai) is therefore in no position to make any remarks,” said a close friend of the NFP candidate on Thursday.

“If Aurélien Rousseau was present at the conversation between Thierry Solère and Babette de Rozières, he knows more about it than I do,” Nadia Hai told Le Parisien on Thursday. “Babette de Rozières has friends everywhere. I didn’t ask for anything. And certainly not the support of Madame de Rozières.”



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