In Lyon, the incredible story of the false police report in a criminal case

In Lyon, the incredible story of the false police report in a criminal case
In Lyon, the incredible story of the false police report in a criminal case

How far does the loss of fundamental reference points go? Aged 34, a police officer from the Lyon region is being prosecuted for “forgery of public documents and use”, because of an alleged false testimony that he allegedly wrote and signed in its entirety, to accuse a suspect in a judicial investigation opened for “attempted murder”.

Scheduled for today at the criminal court, his trial has been postponed until the end of the year, unless it is sent to the assize court, as requested by the lawyers of a civil party. Forgery carried out by a person in a position of public authority is subject to criminal proceedings. ” pleaded Constance Meunier at the hearing.

At the start of this case, the police investigate a serious altercation that occurred in Meyzieu in May 2023. The investigators suspect a man of having wanted to avenge his partner who was the victim of the theft of her bag. The investigation director learns that one of his colleagues, a policewoman, could have witnessed the events. The police officer calls her on the phone, speaks with her and uses her words to subsequently write a witness interview report.

He reconstructs the questions and answers, and even a session of face-to-face and recognition of the alleged perpetrator, while his colleague was never summoned to be heard in the proper manner! The report is sent to the investigating judge in the incriminating evidence against the suspect, who is indicted and imprisoned for several months.

Intrigued by her colleague’s attitude, the young policewoman became worried and discovered the subterfuge. In all conscience, she decided to inform the investigating judge. The policeman explained in essence that he had wanted to play a joke on his colleague by signing in her place, and that he had sent the document by mistake.

After a preliminary investigation, he was suspended from his duties and placed under judicial supervision pending his trial. His colleague is a civil party, considering herself manipulated and a victim of the alleged forgery.

After this procedural twist, the suspect in the violence was quickly released, and his lawyers obtained from the investigating chamber the cancellation of the allegedly false report, and all the hearings that resulted from it. Julien Charle and Constance Meunier want to go further. They have brought the matter before the Court of Cassation to request the complete cancellation of the case.

« This is an act that determined the indictment of our client ” insisted Me Meunier. ” This is not the only piece that implicates him. ” the prosecutor put into perspective at the correctional hearing. ” This fake PV precipitated everything ” maintains Constance Meunier.


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