US FOOT: The Cobras of Mons-en-Barœul win the flag tournament in Amiens

The Amiens Spartans organized a flag football tournament at the Grand Marais stadium. In total, ten teams, including two from Mexico, took part, and it was the Mons-en-Barœul Cobras who won after their victory in the final against the Fontenais-Sous-Bois Supermets.

There were a lot of people on the pitch at the Grand Marais stadium this Saturday. Ten teams from the North and the Ile-de-France region, as well as two Mexican teams, took part in the flag football tournament organised by the flag section of the Spartiates d’Amiens. It was a success, especially in ideal conditions. “I didn’t expect so much enthusiasm when we started communicating about the tournament, nor that we would have the best teams in France, even if the teams from the South were unable to travel, and even less to have two Mexican formations. »

The Amiens Spartans, at home, played the first match of this tournament against one of the Mexican teams. The Samarians suffered against formidable opponents and lost (13-31)The other Mexican team also made life difficult for the Flash de La Courneuve and won easily. (22-6)At the end of the classification matches, four teams reached the semi-finals: the Supermets of Fontenais-Sous-Bois against the Molosses of Asnières and the Cobras of Mons-en-Barœul against the bootcamp team of Mexico. In the final, it was the Cobras who won at the expense of the Supermets and won the first cash prize of 500 euros.

There was a level of competition at this tournament and that did not displease its organizer Jérôme Pinto. He was also pleased with the presence of these two Mexican teams in Amiens: “It’s a huge satisfaction, but it’s also thanks to Said Salazar Deciga, coach of the senior French team who is Mexican. He organized a training camp with two Mexican teams with whom he played in Mexico. The reward for this preparation was entry into the tournament. » And the least we can say is that the Mexicans did not do things by halves. Long games, solid support, liveliness, application of strategies: they showed their great qualities. But Jérôme Pinto is not surprised by their level: “We know that Mexico has a very high level in flag, whether it’s women’s or men’s. It’s a flag country.” Jérôme Pinto hopes that France will one day become one.

Heading towards Los Angeles 2028

Since October 2023, we know that flag football, a cousin of American football, will be one of the additional disciplines at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. With four years to go, the practice is growing more and more. At the Spartans, there is a flag section led by Jérôme Pinto, who has been at the club since 1999, but who reinvested more in the club two years ago. Responsible for the Youth and Seniors division, he dreams of having, in Amiens, “a player selected for the French team and who will be able to play in the Games.”

The Amiens are hopeful since they have “of a young team with very promising U17s. In four years, they will be at the age of maturity, of being seniors. I have a hope of having players selected for the Olympic Games.” Jérôme Pinto also aspires to the creation of a French center, like what is done in American football, in Amiens or in Paris for the four years of preparation: “I think this is an opportune time to create this type of structure. We have very good athletes, it would be a shame not to put all the chances on our side. »

Cesar Willot
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