Bearer of the Olympic Flame in Metz

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Day – 2 before the passage of the Olympic Flame, in Metz, which will take place on Thursday June 27.

Credit : Marie Luthringer

They will be 110 taking turns to carry this flame. Sylvain Kastendeuch, former central defender of FC Metz, is one of them. Co-president of the National Union of Professional Footballers, he currently runs SK5, a business consulting firm.

Carrying the flame: recognition

A few months ago, the city of Metz asked Sylvain Kastendeuch to carry the Olympic Flame. “It’s a great recognition for me who played for fifteen years in FC Metz, in the first division,” explains Sylvain Kastendeuch. For him, passing the flame to Metz is “a great political decision which allows us to reach the population as closely as possible with the Olympics,” he adds.

Being a good footballer: what does it mean?

Excellence, friendship and respect are the “main values” of Olympism. Principles that Sylvain Kastendeuch “tried to convey and put into practice in his behavior”.

A good footballer must not “seek to win at all costs. We must be exemplary as a high-level athlete because we have a very strong impact on the public and the young people who follow us,” says Sylvain Kastendeuch. These values ​​do not come from nowhere: “I owe a lot to my parents who instilled them in me, such as respect for work, ambition or humility,” he recalls.

Optimism despite certain flaws that persist

Homophobia, lack of representation of women in sport. Yet Sylvain Kastendeuch does not despair. “Within the Arsenal, there are regulations which allow bad behavior to be punished. If there are acts of homophobia, they must be punished. There is also real prevention work to be done with practitioners. I am optimistic by nature because there is awareness of these things to improve. In French football, the general situation is good.”

Regarding women’s football, Sylvain Kastendeuch is also confident. Despite some improvements, women’s sport only represents 5% of all sports broadcasts. “Jean-Michel Aulas, future president of the Football League, will put in place measures which will allow women’s football to find a better place. The first French championship and the future French women’s football team will be televised,” he says.

The values ​​of football in the world of work

Sylvain Kastendeuch is currently the director of SK5, a business consulting firm. The acquired values during his football career allowed him to show “that there is a bridge between the world of business and athletes. Having had a long career as an athlete and business manager, I have a global vision which allows me to share my experience and deliver messages to future leaders. These are missions that I like and that I hope to be able to develop.”

Hope for FC Metz

A few weeks ago, FC Metz was relegated to Ligue 2. Sylvain Kastendeuch calls to be “forgiving and optimistic”. Two years ago, “we had a good season in Ligue 2 and the club came back.

There is no reason why this should not happen again,” he concludes.

Sylvain Kastendeuch at the microphone of D!RECT FM
Sylvain Kastendeuch at the microphone of D!RECT FM

Credit : Marie Luthringer



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