The Rouge et Or of Laval University will arrive in Sept-Îles

The Rouge et Or of Laval University will arrive in Sept-Îles
The Rouge et Or of Laval University will arrive in Sept-Îles

Sept-Îles will have a big visit at the end of August. The women’s and men’s teams of the Rouge et Or of Laval University will begin preparation for their 2024-2025 season by holding their training camp there from August 29 to September 2. Young people in the region will be able to benefit from it, during a clinic planned in the program.

Why in Sept-Îles? The field of the two Rouge et Or teams will be under construction this summer. They could have used their old gymnasium, but Gino Brousseau, men’s coach and former national team player, decided to throw a pole. He contacted his good friend Jeannot Vich, coordinator of the Orange Alouette Tournament.

“I have often heard about the Orange Tournament and the dynamics of volleyball in Sept-Îles,” mentioned Gino Brousseau, excited by this project.

For Jeannot Vich, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Members of the Orange Alouette Tournament committee will ensure the project is carried out, in collaboration with its partners, the schools, but also the coaches.

“It’s educational for young people, and for coaches, they will have better knowledge and will be able to improve their interventions with young people. We will also introduce high-level volleyball to the population,” he says.

Rouge et Or intra-team matches will be played in the evening on September 1st.

“It is also recognition of the quality of the organization of the Orange Tournament, which is one of the elements of the dynamics and growth of volleyball in Sept-Îles. It’s great visibility which will be transmitted through the arrival of the Rouge et Or,” he adds.

Three objectives

The leader of the men’s team at Laval University sees three objectives behind their coming to Sept-Îles. He speaks first of all about team buildingwith the arrival of some new players in his team.

“It’s the start of the season. Going outside is always an important moment for a group, it’s the start of the process. It will serve to strengthen ties,” he emphasizes.

His players will start touching the ball again. “We start the machine again, we clean up,” he mentions about the second objective. “Being outside allows you to be more focused, to be in a conducive environment. »

The Rouge et Or will not only train. Volleyball players from the region, from the youngest to the college level, will be able to participate in a clinic offered by Laval University athletes and their coaches, on Saturday, August 31.

Speaking of coaches, locals will also be able to benefit from the expertise of Gino Brousseau, Olivier Faucher, coach of the women’s team, and their acolytes. They will assist them during the Rouge et Or training sessions.

Hence the third objective targeted by the one who runs the men’s club. “It’s combining business with pleasure and spreading the good news, by going to see people who are not used to seeing us. It’s sharing our knowledge, the philosophy of the Rouge et Or and making our athletes accessible models,” says Mr. Brousseau. “It will be a great experience for us and for the people of Sept-Îles. It will be a great showcase to promote volleyball even though it is already very popular in Sept-Îles. »

Beyond sport

The words of the head coach of the women’s team at Laval University, Olivier Faucher, are along the same lines.

“Starting our camp in Sept-Îles represents, for us, a multitude of opportunities. An opportunity for our team to spend time together to create bonds and build our group spirit with the new players and also to be immersed in a volleyball context, where everyone will only have to think about the preparation for this new season. » Beyond the sporting and social aspect within his troop, he also talks about the community aspect which is very important within this project.

“The opportunity to rub shoulders with young players from the region as well as coaches to promote our sport and try to inspire these young people brings an additional dimension to this project which goes beyond the simple fact of training outside Quebec. There is a lot of volleyball played in Sept-Îles and the surrounding area and I find it exciting that our teams can meet this sports community,” says Mr. Faucher.



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