At the Hyères swimming pool, virtual reality takes the plunge

At the Hyères swimming pool, virtual reality takes the plunge
At the Hyères swimming pool, virtual reality takes the plunge

The experience was born from the union of a virtual reality headset and a diving mask. The result is a rather special cinema session where you float and let yourself be carried away in a cascade of images.

Announced as the sensation that will arouse curiosity this Sunday, June 23, the experience, presented for the first time at the Hyères aquatic complex, is the realization of a slightly crazy idea from Pierre Friquet.

Specially from Paris, he presents himself as a “artist and entrepreneur “. who wanted to give a new dimension to virtual reality.”It’s an underwater experience using the revolutionary waterproof VR headset, enthuses the young man. It invites visitors to float on water while breathing through a snorkel, giving the illusion of being submerged on the lunar surface. It’s also a way of bringing culture into places normally devoted to sport.”

With two short films in mind, we happily let ourselves be carried away by two atmospheres.

A frankly psychedelic film evokes the conquest of space. Another more zen one, allowing you to meet whales and underwater life.

Pierre Friquet has planned six helmets for this presentation to be able, simultaneously, to respond to the curiosity of bathers.

Experience is offered from 10 years old.

Other entertainment

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the aquatic complex will offer different activities for this special day such as artistic swimming (from 4 years old) underwater hockey (from 8 years old) triathlon for adults and teenagers, aquathlon (from 8 years old) from 8 years), aquatic habituation (from 3 to 5 years), the discovery of the 4 swims, the diving and sprint competition, static and dynamic apnea (from 6 years) and diving (from 8 years).


Entries are at a reduced rate (4 euros) for this special day.

Detailed program here.



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