Olympics: municipal police officers in Fréjus will work overtime this summer

Olympics: municipal police officers in Fréjus will work overtime this summer
Olympics: municipal police officers in Fréjus will work overtime this summer

This is a direct and tangible consequence of the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which will take place in France, from July 26 to August 11.

Thursday evening, the elected representatives of the municipal council of Fréjus unanimously voted for a deliberation aimed at ensuring the safety of residents and tourists this summer, while the state will concentrate a significant part of its law enforcement on security. of this major sporting event.

The measure in question concerns hourly compensation for “additional works” municipal police officers.

“Lack of reinforcements”

“Given the absence of reinforcements from the national police on the territory of the municipality, this summer, due to the organization of the Olympic Games, it is necessary to increase the mobilization of municipal police officers in order to ensure the maintenance good order, tranquility, safety of residents and tourists during the many festivities organized this summer”justified Carine Leroy, the deputy mayor in charge of human resources.

“It is therefore requested to authorize, for this staff, the exceeding of the monthly quota of 25 hours of overtime for the limited period from June to September 2024 inclusive. These exemptions will be granted provided that the daily working hours of the agents concerned do not exceed not 10 hours and that the weekly rest is respected”.

Rachline thanks the State

For once, the mayor (RN) of Fréjus David Rachline took the opportunity to thank the state for allowing his municipality to organize its popular demonstrations in this tense security context.

“I take this opportunity to salute the State services which, despite the Olympics, despite the absence of reinforcements because many national police officers will be required to leave for Paris, will still allow us to organize a certain number of “important events and major demonstrations in the town. Efforts have been made. When the State services make efforts, they must be saluted.”

According to figures revealed by the City of Fréjus in its municipal magazine, last October, the municipal police force consisted of 70 agents.

It notably has a canine brigade made up of five agents and five dogs and which is presented as one of the best in France.

In their daily work, the Fréjus municipal police rely on a network of 167 video protection cameras. Eleven agents are authorized to control the images thus captured, from the municipality’s urban supervision center.

Particularly active in the field, the 16 members of the operational center of the municipal police (placed under the direction of Chief Karim Ladidi) are divided into several entities including three mobile intervention brigades, a motorcycle brigade and a training unit.

In terms of equipment, bulletproof vests, electric shock guns, and, since 2023, pedestrian cameras, make up the paraphernalia of the Fréjus municipal police officer.



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