At the PolyKromies in Sarcelles, a “Symphony for Coexistence” is welcome in a troubled political climate

At the PolyKromies in Sarcelles, a “Symphony for Coexistence” is welcome in a troubled political climate
At the PolyKromies in Sarcelles, a “Symphony for Coexistence” is welcome in a troubled political climate

The third edition of the PolyKromies de Sarcelles comes at just the right time. While the early legislative elections are naturally on many minds in France, the festival will be held this year – by coincidence – from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July. Announced well before the European elections on 9 June, the artistic event, initiated in 2021 by the City of Sarcelles, in the Val d’Oise, aims to promote the multicultural reality of a world city that has more than 80 communities within it, through a programme “which invites us to cross artistic genres in order to cross audiences.”

“In this particularly troubled year – in Africa, Ukraine and the Middle East – the ambition of PolyKromies is more relevant than ever: it is about promoting Sarcelles as an inspiring example of peaceful cohabitation and intercultural dialogue.”support the organizers, who present “a diverse and demanding program that takes place outdoors in a highly symbolic location: Place de France, at the foot of the HLM towers.”

In this respect, “Serge Kakudji’s opera will enter into dialogue with traditional African music for the world premiere of the Congolese countertenor’s new creation, “Second Souffle”” Friday July 5th while, the next day, “The Triwat Company will light up the Place de France by presenting a Bollywood music and dance show rich in color, rhythm and variety, paying tribute to the vibrant Indian community of Sarcelles.”

The festival will end on Sunday, July 7 with a “Symphony for Coexistence”. This original creation, designed for the PolyKromies under the artistic direction of Carole Latifa Ameer, will be presented by the Samaa Orchestra ensemble. The ensemble will be accompanied by singers Françoise Atlan (Sephardic and Arab-Andalusian singing), Abdelkader Ghayt (Muslim Sufi singing), Naushad Ali Kawa (Hindu singing) and Rémy Bres-Feuillet (lyrical singing), for a unique concert that will see the songs of the great religions celebrated in unison on stage. “harmony in all that is most intimate and precious.”

“A true hymn to peace and an invitation to intelligent and respectful cohabitation with others,” it is said. “More than ever, in 2024, the PolyKromies are placed under the sign of the acceptance of one’s neighbor and harmony, like what we can hope for the world while celebrating the richness of the cultures that converge in this cosmopolitan city.”

The PolyKromies of Sarcelles
From July 5 to 7, 2024
Place de France, 95200 Sarcelles
Free admission

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