This medieval village 1 hour from Toulouse is a real historical treasure

Stroll through old Aurignac

As soon as you arrive, let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm of this medieval city. Perched on a rocky outcrop at an altitude of 404 meters, Aurignac offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Its streets with evocative names, its half-timbered houses and its Gothic and Renaissance mansions will transport you to another era. Take the time to explore the towers, the keep and the old church which make this village unique.

Aurignac is not just a museum town. Its fabric and livestock markets, its potteries in the Oulès district and its tanneries, which produced leather aprons for blacksmiths and farriers, bear witness to its past dynamism. Today, strolling through its streets is an experience in itself, with each street corner revealing a new architectural or historical treasure.

A dive into prehistoric history

Aurignac is also a mecca for prehistory. In 1852, a quarry worker discovered by chance a rock shelter containing bones and prehistoric tools. The site then attracted the attention of Édouard Lartet, paleontologist, who identified the remains as belonging to a specific period of prehistory, now known as the Aurignacian. Today, the Aurignacian Museum presents these material and cultural traces left by our Homo sapiens ancestors around 36,000 years ago. With a modern and interactive scenography, the museum offers a fascinating dive into the distant past.

The Comtal castle and the Saint-Pierre church

Let yourself be impressed by the Château Comtal, an imposing medieval fortress surrounded by thick walls and reinforced by corner towers. The keep, an uncovered watchtower, offers a panoramic view and can be visited via a spiral staircase. This castle tells the story of the Counts of Comminges and their strategic importance in the Middle Ages.


Not far from here, the Saint-Pierre church stands proudly. Integrated into the ramparts of the first enclosure from the 13th century, it was part of the initial defensive system of the lords of Aurignac. Its dominant position allowed it to withstand the ravages of time, unlike the Saint-Michel church, which has now disappeared. Aurignac is a real gem to discover for lovers of history, old stones and bucolic landscapes. Between medieval heritage, prehistoric discoveries and wine tastings, every corner of this village has a story to tell.



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