Accused of sex crimes: billionaire Robert Miller loses a battle

Accused of sex crimes: billionaire Robert Miller loses a battle
Accused of sex crimes: billionaire Robert Miller loses a battle

Montreal billionaire Robert Miller lost his first battle this Thursday, failing to drop the charges of sex crimes against him due to his state of health.

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“At this point, the logical and fair conclusion is that I must decline jurisdiction [pour entendre la demande]», ruled Judge François Dadour this Thursday at the Montreal courthouse.

Miller, 80 years old, will therefore have to appear in the coming weeks, for a series of crimes which allegedly occurred over more than 20 years against no less than ten victims, most of whom were minors.

A total of 21 charges were brought against the founder of Future Electronics. He faces charges of sexual exploitation, sexual interference, sexual assault and attempting to induce a person to engage in prostitution.

Seriously ill

However, Miller is currently seriously ill and requires constant care, particularly due to his respiratory problems.

“He would be unfit to undergo legal proceedings,” we read in the decision which explains the position of his lawyers. The combination of his health problems with the inherent stress of a court hearing could put him at risk of a medical issue.”

For Miller’s lawyers, the only solution was to drop the charges, even before a first hearing. They therefore appealed to the Superior Court of Quebec, hoping to be able to present their arguments, and thus put an end to the criminal legal process, before it even begins.

Failure at court

However, they did not convince the judge, who declined jurisdiction to hear the case, emphasizing that the request could be made in the Court of Quebec, where Miller will have to be tried.

The magistrate, however, opened the door to changing his mind, if the situation changes “urgently”.

In addition to being criminally charged, the 80-year-old billionaire faces a class action lawsuit filed by 47 women who say they were victims of him. An $11 million lawsuit was also filed by a plaintiff who was just 11 years old at the time.

Miller, who contests the charges against him, will appear in July at the Montreal courthouse, just like his alleged accomplice Teresita Fuentes, even if she is accused separately from the billionaire.

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