A promising embroiderer for the Amidon 89 association

A state-of-the-art embroiderer, costing 7,000 euros, has joined the workshops of the Amidon 89 association. She will help expand the services offered to customers.

Amidon 89 celebrated the arrival of a state-of-the-art embroiderer in its workshops in Sainte-Geneviève on Friday June 14.

Guy Paris, president of the integration association, and Sophie Goirand, director, had doubly reason to rejoice. In addition to the promising results of the new laundry sector, which has already processed 300 kg of laundry in two months and will soon be amortized, this new acquisition will make it possible to expand the services offered to Amidon customers.

An asset for employees

This investment, costing 7,000 euros, was made possible thanks to the financial support of GRDF, represented by Leslie Arnoult, who contributed 3,000 euros, and the Health Insurance Association, represented by Andrée Debert, with a contribution of 2,000 euros. The balance was covered by Amidon’s own funds.

Typhaine Michot, responsible for using the embroidery machine and its software, completed four months of training. A former student of Fine Arts, she will bring her creativity to enrich Amidon’s services. “I am happy to soon be able to train several employees in the use of the embroidery machine. This will be an additional asset on their CV and will help them find their place in the job market,” she declared kindly, before to produce a convincing demonstration of its new work tool.

“Now, with ironing, laundry and sewing, our range of services will expand with embroidery,” added Sophie Goirand. “We will be able to embroider and personalize t-shirts, caps, down jackets, bed linen, clothing for children, as well as end-of-year gifts for businesses and individuals.”

This new offer marks an important step for Amidon 89, which continues to diversify its services while offering training and professional integration opportunities to its employees.



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