Personality of the week: Stéphanie Savard (Republik)

Personality of the week: Stéphanie Savard (Republik)
Personality of the week: Stéphanie Savard (Republik)

Photo credit: Manny Fortin

Stéphanie Savard (she/her), artistic director, Republik

  • What advice would you give to the next generation? Take notes… Everywhere. All the time! Creativity is not something that can be programmed. It happens at all kinds of times (which are not always opportune). This is why it is important to note and sketchr all his ideas to consult them later. I often draw on my repertoire of notes on my cell phone to inspire myself for an upcoming illustration.
  • Your hobbies favorites: I recently discovered crochet and can’t stop. It has become an obsession! As soon as I have a little time, I make a square to complete my future blanket. Reading is also one of my favorite hobbies. An audio book combined with a little crochet session and I’m delighted!
  • Early bird Or night owl? Early Bird. I feel like I can accomplish anything while everyone else is still asleep, that’s also when my brain has the most creative juice, probably fueled by my morning tea and the absence of any distractions.
  • Your favorite place to visit: Of all the trips I’ve taken, Utah is definitely my favorite place. It’s a bit like being on Mars. The setting is unlike anything else I’ve seen before, it almost seems surreal. It’s also impressive how the landscapes change quickly as you move across the state. It is the environment that inspired me the most, notably by its surprising vegetation, its colors and its breathtaking views.


I am in the team of Republic for almost 3 years and I recently held the position of artistic director. I have collaborated on several projects in recent years such as the domestic violence awareness campaign “Surround yourself to get by” for the FTQ Solidarity Fund, the campaign to revalorize careers in events in the Quartier des spectacles (which was also awarded a Distinction prize by Tourisme Montréal) or the employer brand as well as the national recruitment campaign of the Ben & Florentine restaurant chain.

In addition to all this, I am also an illustrator under the pseudonym Stefouchat. I even have a children’s book with my illustrations which will be released in 2025. So I am an artistic director by day and an illustrator by evening… But sometimes, my two worlds collide! As part of my duties at RepublikI had the chance to draw for organizations like the REM (you can see my illustrations on board the wagons) or for the “À se culture” campaign of the Association for Public Health of Quebec (ASPQ).

And then, before working at Republik, I worked in a company that offers a home charging solution for electric cars to accelerate the electrification of transportation. Since the beginning of my professional journey, I am proud to say that I seek to use my experience for causes or companies that will be part of the solution.




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