Legislative elections 2024: discover all the candidates in the constituencies of Ardèche

The 259,237 voters of Ardèche vote on Sundays June 30 and July 7, 2024 in the legislative elections to elect three of the 577 deputies who will sit for five years in the National Assembly. Following the closing of applications this Sunday, June 16 at 6 p.m., here is the list of candidates declared for the three constituencies of the department after the drawing of lots for their place on the electoral panels.

1st district of Ardèche

In this constituency of Privas, Center-Ardèche and the lower Rhône valley, Will Hervé Saulignac keep his seat? The outgoing socialist deputy has the support of the New Popular Front and is therefore the only candidate on the left. In 2022, he beat RN candidate Céline Porquet in the second round with a large lead. The issue this time is the impact of the dynamic in favor of the National Rally. The other candidates do not seem able to compete.

THE eight candidates are :

  1. Thierry Dorne, departmental delegate of Debout la France, the party of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
  2. Céline Porquet, departmental delegate of the National Rally
  3. Séverine Gineys, from Modem under the Ensemble label (presidential majority)
  4. Pascal Chambonnet, from the independent and democratic workers party
  5. Muriel Vander Donckt, from Lutte Ouvrière
  6. Hervé Saulignac, outgoing PS deputy, invested by the New Popular Front
  7. Marie-Pierre Chaix, municipal representative of Viviers, LR
  8. Maryse Leclerc

2nd district of Ardèche

Can the constituency of Annonay and Nord-Ardèche** be taken over by the left? The outgoing deputy Olivier Dussopt, former mayor of Annonay, former minister, close to Emmanuel Macron is not running for re-election. It is Laurence Heydel Grillere, his substitute, who is the candidate for Renaissance. Former socialist MP Michèle Victory is the candidate of the New Popular Front. It is the mayor of Lamastre Jean-Paul Vallon who is leaving for LR. The RN has invested an activist LR Vincent Trébuchet unknown to the authorities of the Les Républicains party in Ardèche.

THE nine candidates are :

  1. Jackie Ritz
  2. Laurence Heydel Grillere, former Renaissance substitute deputy for Olivier Dussopt, presidential majority
  3. Jean-Paul Vallon, mayor of Lamastre, LR
  4. Michèle Victory, former socialist MP, invested by the New Popular Front
  5. Vincent Trébuchet, LR-RN alliance
  6. Rémy Nodin, winegrower in Saint-Péray, without label
  7. Gerard Montreynaud
  8. Gérard Julien, retired, from Jacques Cheminade’s Solidarity and Progress party
  9. MIchèle Gaillard, Workers’ Struggle

3rd district of Ardèche

In this constituency ofAubenas and South Ardèche, Can Fabrice Brun keep his seat? The outgoing MP LR is running this time without a label. He left the Les Républicains party due to internal divisions, he can thus pose as a defender of Ardèche against the “extremes of all stripes”. He is facing Cyrille Grangier for the RN and it is Florence Pallot, from France Insoumise, who is the candidate of the New Popular Front. Former world kayak champion Quentin Bonnetain accepted the Renaissance nomination hoping to represent the central bloc in this election.

THE nine candidates are :

  1. Alexandre Faure, mayor of Vernon, member of Peace and Degrowth
  2. Félix Zaguedoun-Reynaud
  3. Quentin Bonnetain, kayaker, invested by Ensemble (presidential majority)
  4. Florence Pallot, LFI, invested by the New Popular Front
  5. Fabrice Brun, outgoing LR deputy, without label
  6. Laurent Touzet, already a candidate in 2017 for Jean Lassalle’s movement
  7. Christophe Marchisio, Workers’ Struggle
  8. Cyrille Grangier, National Rally
  9. Jacques Marcesse
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