the proxy race is on

the proxy race is on
the proxy race is on

“Two friends want me to vote for them, but we only have the right to one proxy per person, deplores Lenaïg, 21 years old. It is a hassle ! There is one who doesn’t know if she will be able to vote, because in our group, everyone already has a proxy! »

The announcement of early legislative elections within a particularly tight deadline took everyone by surprise. How do you slip an envelope into the ballot box when you planned to be absent?

“Twelve hours of travel to vote”

The race for the proxy started this Monday, June 10, 2024. A headache for Léa Jolivet and Marc Laala, 27 years old, living in Nantes for four years. They will head for the Alps on June 24, not returning until July 7. Fifteen days in the mountains that they – logically – have no desire to cancel. “We are in a lot of trouble… We want to vote, but we have no one to give proxy to,” Léa worries. Their friends live too far from their polling station. She thought of a couple of friends from the neighborhood. But they always vote in Quimper, where their families live. “I inquired to find out if they could still transfer to the electoral lists in Nantes. But it’s too late, I don’t see a solution…”

Complicated also for French people traveling abroad. “I arrived in Mexico in March, says François, 25, doing an internship at the University of Xalapa. “On June 2, there was the presidential election here. I thought about the European elections and wanted to make a proxy. What was my surprise! I should have taken care of this when I was in France… The online power of attorney request remains possible, but I must create a France Connect account to certify my identity. But I can’t download the application, maybe because my phone is too old », asks the student. The process also involves a visit to the embassy or consulate. “Twelve hours of round trip transportation is a lot and what’s more, it’s too expensive. »

“We should install urns at Hellfest!” »

On social networks, messages are flourishing: “Friends in London, begging for a power of attorney!” » says a couple of expatriates who would like to save themselves six hours of train travel to vote at the embassy.

“We had to go to a festival in the Somme, I’m reselling the tickets! » exclaims a young woman, while another suggests: “We should install urns at Hellfest ! » (the famous metal festival will be held in Clisson, in Loire-Atlantique, from June 27 to 30).

Platforms offer to connect principals and agents, based on the model of dating sites (Plan Procu) or initiated by political parties. Still wary of giving power of attorney to someone about whom you know nothing.




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