six companies, six months and six “secret” projects

six companies, six months and six “secret” projects
six companies, six months and six “secret” projects

The “Business Class SME” adventure began on Friday, May 17, for six companies from Indre who joined the sixth promotion of this support program from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Indre . Accompanied intensively until November by the team of advisors from the CCI’s Innovation and Digital department, The Place by CCI36, they will be able to develop a project that they have not been able to bring to fruition until now due to lack of time. , method and perspective.

Workshops, coaching, meetings…

A system specific to the Indre CCI, “Business Class PME” is a support program intended for companies of all sizes that already have an idea or an innovative project, internally, and wish to transform it into a viable project and vector of growth for their Company.

“Managers are not always armed with all the skills to transform their ideas and manage their teams around this or that projectindicates Rodhène Popineau, head of the Innovation and Digital department of the CCI. This is why we offer them the opportunity to advance their still confidential project, with start-up methods, workshops, individual coaching or even meetings with other entrepreneurs that we have supported. »

Friday morning, the managers of the companies in this sixth class introduced themselves to each other and to the partners of the system, whom they will work with during the next seven months of support.

The six companies selected

The six companies come from very different worlds, “which will certainly give rise to very productive and creative interactions”, Rodhène Popineau wants to believe. Note that for the first time, no company is from Châteauroux.

Entrepreneurs selected to join the sixth promotion of the “SME Business Class” of the Indre CCI.
© (Photo Bernard Boisnier / CCI Indre Communications Department)

Comirem SCOP (Déols) is an engineering consulting company specializing in geology, hydrogeology and the environment.

Biosourced Wood Frames (Saint-Genou) is a company that prefabricates walls, floors and roof panels in natural materials.

ATE Transport Services (Reuilly) offers regional and national industrial transport services.

An Héol (Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre) is a team of gardeners who use their equipment for the following work: hedge trimming, manual and thermal weeding, clearing, mowing, pruning, felling, shredding of plants, preparation of vegetable gardens.

Asformia TIC (Saint-Benoît-du-Sault) is an IT services and engineering company that works, mainly with reconditioned equipment, with both individuals and professionals to best meet their needs.

Novolive (Déols) is a small business specializing in technical services (from sound to light to video) for eco-events, which consume less energy and are more respectful of the planet.

A well-established and appreciated system

The 5e session of the “SME Business Class” of the Indre CCI also welcomed six companies from the department: Protec, IATST, Espace Bio, Domaine de Poulaines, IFB Refractories and Imprim Lab. Organized from April to November 2022, it allowed the emergence of innovative projects in each of these companies. Note that the project developed by Imprim Lab (season 5) was financed thanks to a cooperative financing campaign on Ulule. In addition to their respective projects, the companies So Air Tech and AMGI (season 3) launched a joint project around the creation of the first 100% French drone.



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