Soleil Launière captivates Club Soda and wins the Francouvertes

Multidisciplinary artist of Innu origin Soleil Launière won the final of the 28th Francouvertes on Monday, which was held at Club Soda in Montreal. The two other finalists, Sensei H and Loïc Lafrance, also shone during an evening which gave full meaning to the competition’s label of musical diversity, between rap, rock and roots soul.

Soleil Launière, 38, is the first artist of indigenous origin to reach the Francouvertes final. Although she has a long track record as a contemporary dancer, actress and director, it was only recently that she officially took up music, a dream buried for several years.

2005, but I didn’t have the necessary confidence”,”text”:”I’ve been making music for a long time, but it was less present in my daily life. I studied music in 2005, but I didn’t have the confidence”}}”>I’ve been making music for a long time, but it was less present in my daily life. I studied music in 2005, but I didn’t have the confidenceshe explained on the floor of Club Soda, a few hours before her performance. [Finalement]it’s the project that does me the most good.

The singer was born in Mashteuiatsh, in the community of Pekuakamiulnuatsh on the shores of Lake Pekuakami, or Lake Saint-Jean. On his first album Taueu, she sings in French, English and Innu-aimun, the language of her ancestors which she has not yet completely mastered. On a few songs, she also speaks in a language that she herself invented by mixing the first three.

Stars of the evening

Staging: Soleil Launière

Texts: Sensei H

Performer: Loïc Lafrance

A captivating performance

After a performance by co-spokespeople for the 28th Francouvertes Lou-Adriane Cassidy and Thierry Larose, respectively finalist and semi-finalist of the competition in 2018 and 2019, Soleil Launière was the first to present her songs. After the arrival of her musicians in a chaos of distortion and reverberation, the main party was slow to take her place on stage.


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Lou-Adriane Cassidy and Thierry Larose opened the ball with a medley of four songs taken from their respective repertoires.

Photo: Francouvertes

It was then that heads in the crowd began to turn towards the entrance to Club Soda, their eyes fixed on Soleil Launière in a long black hooded dress, adorned with a sort of wooden plume. She then walked slowly on stage, with a slowness and an elegance almost like a ritual.

The singer’s rich background in body art was felt throughout her performance, her entire being moving in symbiosis with her music. At one point, she even seemed to be in a trance, uttering bird calls in front of a stunned audience.

I come to speak to you in my innu crochi, an assumed crochi who wants to convey the passing of the language, she said after an audio extract featuring the voice of Joséphine Bacon. The artist’s feminist message was amplified by the presence of Marie-Neige Harvey and Lisa Iwanycki, who in addition to playing keyboards, magnificently wrapped her songs with their vocal harmonies.


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Soleil Launière won the Sirius XM first prize, accompanied by a $15,000 scholarship.

Photo: Francouvertes / Jaime Antonio Luna Quezada

The disarming candor of Sensei H

Drastic change of tone in the second part with the performance of Sirine Hassani, alias Sensei H, a rapper from the south of France who has been living in Quebec for some time. In an interview before the start of the concert, the 26-year-old artist, who won second place in the competition, already had disarming confidences.

I have had depressive problems and suicidal thoughts since I was little, so the search for meaning is the guiding principle of my life.she explained.

I wonder why we are here, what is the meaning of existence, of the soul.

A quote from Sensei H, rapper

Surrounded by her guitarist, her drummer and a musician who alternated between the double bass, the MPC (a rhythm machine) and the backing vocals, the young rapper machine-gunned the audience with her deep lyrics, with confidence to break everything and several touches of humor.

>>The rapper points to the audience on stage.>>

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Rapper Sensei H was born in France to parents of Algerian origin, before moving alone to Quebec at the age of 17.

Photo: Francouvertes / Jaime Antonio Luna Quezada

A few steps from the stage, it was beautiful to see Montreal rapper Calamine, second place at the Francouvertes in 2021, singing the lyrics of Sensei H that she knew by heart, with a smile on her face.

Loïc Lafrance snatches everything at the end of the evening

Last artist of the evening but not least, Loïc Lafrance appeared on stage with his four musicians like a ton of bricks. With his green hair, his sunglasses and his hat cowboythe young 22-year-old rocker was exhilarated, running from one end of the stage to the other like a disjointed puppet, narrowly avoiding running into his comrades.

Before his performance, the young man born in Rivière-du-Loup and based in Quebec already affirmed that his presence in the final was a victory in itself. So he didn’t seem too disappointed to finish in third position. sick. It’s already a victory in itself to make it to the final of the Francouvertes”,”text”:”No matter the result, we’re playing at Club Soda, and it’s sick. It’s already a victory in itself to reach the final of the Francouvertes”}}”>No matter the result, we play at Club Soda, and it’s sick. It’s already a victory in itself to make it to the final of the Francouverteshe philosophized.

>>Several musicians performing on stage.>>

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Loïc Lafrance performing at the final of the 28th Francouvertes, at Club Soda in Montreal

Photo: Francouvertes / Jaime Antonio Luna Quezada

Indeed, Loïc Lafrance has no reason to worry, since he already seems destined for a brilliant future. After launching a first album in 2021, The adult worldand a microalbum last year, Theater/Violencethe musician and singer will enter the studio on Wednesday to record his next opus, with none other than Julien Mineau from Malajube producing.

From a seventies“,”text”:”naïve seventies-inspired pop”}}”>naive pop inspiration seventies, he intends to move to a grunge sound closer to feeling than to the intellectualization of the world around him. Regardless of the result, the stage beast will certainly conquer his audience.



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