Mobility: Vaud: decline in sales of electric cars

Mobility: Vaud: decline in sales of electric cars
Mobility: Vaud: decline in sales of electric cars
Sales of electric and plug-in hybrid cars are stagnating in the canton of Vaud (illustrative photo).


Of the 24,000 new cars sold last year in the canton of Vaud, 59% were hybrid or electric vehicles. After strong growth between 2020 and 2022, sales for this type of model, however, seem to be slowing down.

Among new cars with alternative propulsion, hybrid models combining a thermal engine with an electric motor account for two thirds of sales, compared to a third for purely electric cars. One in five hybrid models sold can be recharged via the power outlet, Statistique Vaud said on Tuesday.

The market share of electric and plug-in hybrid cars stagnated at 27% of total new car sales last year. A real decline after increases of 9 and 4 percentage points in 2021 and 2022.

Several hypotheses are put forward to explain this slowdown, such as the rise in electricity prices and, therefore, the reduction in the difference in usage costs between electric and traditional thermal cars.

The absence of home charging stations and the fact that tenants cannot install private terminals themselves also constitute obstacles, the press release continues.

Vaud on the podium

According to Statistique Vaud, the trend is comparable at the national level. And to warn that the objective of the roadmap on electric mobility, which aims to increase this share to 50% by the end of 2025, “could be more difficult to achieve”.

Statistics also show that the share of purely electric cars will reach 3.6% in the canton in 2023, higher than the national average (3.3%). Vaud ranks 3rd behind Zug (6.8%) and Zurich (4.1%). Regionally, the share of electric cars is highest in the municipalities of the Nyon district.

512 cars per 1000 people

Among other developments, Statistique Vaud indicates that the number of cars per 1000 people has decreased in the canton, and more significantly than in the rest of the country.

In Vaud, there will be 512 cars per 1,000 people in 2023 (540 on the Swiss average). Vaud ranks fourth among the least motorized cantons, behind Basel-City (324), Geneva (418) and Zurich (482).

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