SENEGAL-AFRICA-INTEGRATION / OMVS calls for accelerating the implementation of the Senegal River Navigation Project – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, May 10 (APS) – The High Commissioner of the organization for the development of the Senegal River (OMVS), Mohamed Abdel Vetah, called, Friday, in Dakar, the various stakeholders in the navigation project on the Senegal River to work for an effective start of the works.

”It is our responsibility to achieve as quickly as possible the expectations of the highest authorities of the organization, in particular an effective start of work on the navigation project on the Senegal River,” said Mr. Vétah, during the 7th meeting of the monitoring committee of the navigation project on the Senegal River.

He recalled that the organization’s council of ministers, during its 76th ordinary session held in Bamako, Mali last January, “took two important resolutions for the implementation of the said project”.

Among which is the rapid navigation strategy which devoted funding of 35 billion CFA francs to the implementation of the project, he indicated.

He specified that this financing was mobilized thanks to an envelope of “20 billion CFA francs in 2024, or 5 billion per member state of the organization and 5 billion francs, from the Manantali energy management company (SOGEM )”.

“In addition to this, there is the existence in 2025 of a balance of 15 billion CFA francs, or 5 billion francs per member state,” he pointed out.

Regarding the second resolution, Mr. Vetah noted that it involves the navigation management and operation company (SOGENAV), responsible for carrying out additional studies of the river-maritime phase.

“It also commits the High Commission, in liaison with the States and SOGENAV, to carry out the necessary actions to mobilize the amount of financing required, for the river-maritime phase,” he added, noting that “this amount is estimated at 55 billion CFA francs”.

Navigation on the Senegal River represents a major opportunity for trade, transport and the development of trade between riparian countries, indicates a press release from the OMVS.

“It is of crucial importance for the socio-economic development of the OMVS member countries and arouses major interest both at the local and regional level,” he underlines, recalling that this initiative was part of thehe priority projects of the organization which intends to bring together all of its stakeholders in order to monitor the activities carried out since the last orientations set by the Council of Ministers of the OMVS.




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