as a boss, the ESMS turns off the TBC and goes to the final

as a boss, the ESMS turns off the TBC and goes to the final
as a boss, the ESMS turns off the TBC and goes to the final

And four! In the overheated and suffocating arena of Pomarez, the ESMS held its place against the TBC and won a fourth final for the “Landes World Cup”. With the ambition of registering his name for the first time on the prize list in the Plumaçon arenas. If on the public side, the supporters of the two clubs for this first semi-final of the weekend competed to support their team, on the field side, there was no photo.

Facing one of the tenors of Nationale 2, the resident of Prénationale did not exist. Never worried, the ESMS players hit the ground running to overcome their 14-point deficit.

However, before kick-off, president Serge Darbo did not hide his concern: “This is really the match not to be lost. It would be a disappointment not to be in the final. »

ESMS showers TBC

Galvanized by the challenge, Romain Hillote’s teammates had already gone ahead at the end of the first quarter (25-24). Cornered by the pressing of the white and green, their speed of execution and their offensive realism, the TBC players quickly lowered their weapons. Even if at the end of the second quarter, taking advantage of the Elan’s lack of skill, Perotto and his partners came back to 8 points (46-37).

But it was written that the ESMS would not let this final slip away. “It’s my sixth year at the club and it’s true that over the years it’s competition that permeates you which holds great importance for me each season,” explains David Jofresa, the most Landais of the Catalans, who will experience its third final. The second half saw the white and green increase their lead despite the attempts of the TBC players to thwart their opponent. Overwhelmed, Yohan Duffau’s players understood that their honorable journey ended at Pomarez with a clear score (92-67).

For the veteran and one of the leaders of the ESMS, the relief is immense: “We had to do it for our supporters, we knew how to take the match from the right end. I hope I can ultimately win this title for my third final. We will do everything to ensure that we are 14 or 49 points behind. »

On Sunday Rémi Lesca’s teammates will be decided, but it is already certain that a white and green wave will break on June 1st at Plumaçon.


Arnold Bouazza, ESMS coach: “It’s a real satisfaction. I am happy with the performance of my players who were serious, with commitment, rhythm, from the kick-off. They did not offer our opponent any hope. I praise the spirit of my players who kept their cool when the TBC was a little more aggressive. My only regret: the waste on free throws. In any case, the objective is achieved with this qualification. Now we have to move on to our play-off match and put the Cup aside. We still have great things to experience, we offer ourselves the possibility of an incredible experience in Mont-de-Marsan, it will be a crazy experience. We no longer have to ask ourselves any questions, but simply live and savor this end of the season to the fullest. »
Yohan Duffau, TBC coach: “We lacked a lot of realism to be able to compete. When we let eleven free throws in the first quarter, as many offensive rebounds, when we knew that these were the two keys to this difficult match to compete. We quickly took the hail and the gap was quickly reduced. We lose confidence unlike the ESMS, we lack realism. We start to doubt and at this level, it is not forgiving. Despite everything, they gave everything and I remain proud of my guys, of our journey in this Cup. This evening we are playing with seven players trained at the club which increases this feeling of pride tenfold despite the result. »



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