ALÈS EN FERIA Shorter than the others, Thursday evening remained warm

hour leave. This Thursday evening, bodegas and bars only had permission from one o’clock in the morning, before the return of two o’clock for the nights of Friday and Saturday. However, the party-goers still had a blast.

Rue Albert-Ier, in the heights of Boulevard Louis-Blanc, the public has already deserted the aisles around 11:30 p.m. Even the Carré Rose and the Louis-Blanc sound more hollow than usual. This is the time and day when the party is first concentrated in front of the Crater. And further down, all over Place Henri-Barbusse.

However, those who are here did not come for nothing. And even with fewer people around them, they decided to party. The proof in pictures.

As is often the case, the bodega of the Cévennes Rugby club is one of the liveliest • François Desmeures

On the decks of the Cévennes Rugby club, the same atmosphere as in front of the counter • François Desmeures

François Desmeures

As is often the case, it is at the bodega of the Saint-Hilaire-La-Jasse football club that the partygoers get into the spirit

Feria Alès 2024

Great atmosphere at the Saint-Hilaire-la-Jasse football bodega • Sasha Virga

Well known to the CFDT trucks during the demonstrations against pension reform, Jean-François Bouteille wears several hats. Or rather hats, in this specific case • François Desmeures

Photo Louis Valat

On the town hall square, several DJs (Jordan Benezet, Enzo M and Azad) took turns to provide a good atmosphere for the revelers.

Feria Alès 2024

DJs livened up the town hall square • Sasha Virga

Feria Alès 2024

On the town hall square, we dance! • Sasha Virga

Feria Alès 2024

In the streets of Alès, young people occupy the place • Sasha Virga

At Prolé, on the terrace filled like every evening

At Prolé, the regulars are always there • François Desmeures

Sharing, the key word of an evening with friends… and the claimed value of Prolé • François Desmeures

Patrick Malavieille and Giovanni Di Francesco provided the service of the famous “mojito des cocos” • François Desmeures

The Fanatonics, or the biggest stage of the fair (or not far)

François Desmeures

A group of friends in front of the Fanatonics bodega • François Desmeures

And otherwise, a little away

At the Before, Telephone made all the dancers agree • François Desmeures

The Orient Express on the podium of the city hall. • Photo Louis Valat



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