Nearly 80 actions to make downtown Chicoutimi attractive

Nearly 80 actions to make downtown Chicoutimi attractive
Nearly 80 actions to make downtown Chicoutimi attractive

The City of Saguenay wants to confirm the flagship role of downtown Chicoutimi. A new version of the special urban planning program (PPU) was adopted at the Saguenay municipal council meeting. Mayor Julie Dufour speaks of a true “vision”.

Live, work, move, have fun, contemplate and mobilize. In these six major themes, 77 actions are classified, according to different degrees of priority. Several projects can arise from these actions.

We are perhaps used to announcements of big projects, an amphitheater, an infrastructure. We really turned to planning and vision, so there’s no missed pieceillustrates Julie Dufour.

Increasing the supply of commercial premises, focusing on the development of the digital niche, increasing pedestrian safety and creating a cycle link to cross the city center are some examples of the actions that could come to fruition most quickly. Housing is one of the priority issues.

Establishing financial incentives to encourage the addition of new housing in the city center is a very concrete measure that could be taken in collaboration with different ministries and government agencies.explained the Director General of the Municipality, Gabriel Rioux, during the presentation to the media.

On the other hand, dissuasive measures for abandoned and contaminated buildings and land are also envisaged.

THE PPU de Saguenay is the result of various consultations that have taken place since 2019. More than 2,000 people were met. Everything will come into force in July.

Downtown Saguenay

The City of Saguenay wants to make Chicoutimi the main city center. The planning document established a vision for the next 10 years in order to make it shine on a larger scale.


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Racine Street in the Chicoutimi district.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Rémi Tremblay

The theme mobilize aims to strengthen the population’s sense of belonging to the city center.

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