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In a report published at the beginning of May, Public Health France warns of the worrying malaria situation in Guyana. The disease, originally very localized in the forest on gold mining sites, is gaining ground on the Guyanese coast, despite falling figures.

Over the first four months of this year, there were 264 cases of malaria. Even if the situation was worse 20 years ago (in 2005, there were 4,500 cases per year), it remains no less worrying.

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For good reason, the location of “homes” has migrated towards the coast. Kourou, Montsinéry-Tonnégrande and Roura are the municipalities with the most cases.

Two outbreaks among the Armed Forces in Guyana

An article published by the Joint Directorate of Health Services in Guyana and the Pasteur Institute informs us that two clusters have been recorded among the Armed Forces in Guyana.

These two outbreaks have their origins in returning from missions in the forest. In these places, vector pressure is stronger, because of the numerous mosquitoes that thrive on illegal gold mining sites.

It should also be noted a drop in the number of cases of malaria during the month of April.

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Authorities remain cautious about dengue fever

Public Health France reports that the circulation of dengue fever in the territory is decreasing overall. Activity in the emergency room is more “calm”. But the interpretation of the data is more difficult during periods of leave, given less use of screening or care system (leave, closure of practices).

The health organization also takes stock of deaths linked to dengue, over the period from January 1, 2023 to April 28, 2024. Ten deaths were recorded by the three hospitals in Guyana.

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Two gold miners killed by rabies

Between February and March, three illegal gold miners from the Eau Claire site in Maripasoula were urgently admitted to Cayenne hospital. They died 10 days after admission. The latest analyzes confirm the cause of death: it was because of rabies.

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