Haute-Savoie: “we disconnect at the Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly”

The Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly (Haute-Savoie) offer us a journey through time for several days! You can come in pants – sneakers or in a costume, with your wooden sword or authentic jewelry to discover costumed and musical parades, equestrian jousts, aerobatics, birds of prey, knightly fights, to listen to these tales and see Magic.

Hundreds of enthusiasts to make people dream

More than 500 artists, a thousand extras and hundreds of volunteers welcome you with the same passion: that of the Middle Ages and the life of yesteryear. “I come from Franche Comté with my troop. We offer fighting and archery demonstrations” explains Mousse. He is with his daughter and friends, all in costumes. “It allows us to disconnect from our daily lives. We find friends, people who are passionate about medieval life, we live in the camps. And for three days we forget all our worries”.


We participate with family or friends in this celebration © Radio France
Anabelle Gallotti

“We love the aesthetic universe of the Middle Ages and this bubble of the Medievals” – Aline, a young Swiss volunteer

Aline and Marjorie are volunteers at the festival. They are Swiss and what they like “it’s this world of imagination, it’s being here, in this fantastic forest and cutting yourself off from the rest of the world, for a few hours or a few days“. They are both fascinating with costumes straight out of their imagination “it’s not realistic, we take inspiration from the medieval universe and mix it with fantastical elements. We have jewelry, long dresses, but also marks on the face or this wolf headdress that approach more of an imaginary world”. “Les Médiévales d’Andilly are also fantastic people, like a big family of enthusiasts” adds Aline.


Aline and Marjorie, volunteers from Switzerland
Aline and Marjorie, volunteers from Switzerland © Radio France
Anabelle Gallotti

An intergenerational medieval festival

In this forest we meet lots of different participants or spectators. All with a smile. Patrick and Nathalie come as a couple, childless for 10 years. They even take the three-day formula which allows them to make the most of “We are well received, we take the shuttle and as soon as we enter this party, everyone is happy. There are shows and activities all the time, it’s really fun.”

In the crowd, there is also this Chamberian family who came with friends to celebrate the 20th birthday of their eldest daughter “Last year we discovered the Médiévales d’Andilly, and it’s great! This year, my mother came, with her cane but in disguise and super happy.” A little on the heights, we discover the Viking camp and a very little boy who explains “I’m a viking, I fight knights. My dad makes shields and my mom takes care of the wool, she makes the clothes.”

The Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly continue until Monday May 20 then the weekend of May 25 and 26.



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