VIDEO. “It was even better with the telephone”, these Lot-et-Garonnais were able to observe the Northern Lights

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Friday May 10 from 10 p.m., it was possible to witness the Northern Lights in Lot-et-Garonne. These Lot-et-Garonnais testify.

Rare scenes, but ones that meteorology enthusiasts and other curious people would not miss for anything in the world. The last episode of this magnitude took place in October 2003. Since then, no aurora borealis (phenomenon of colored veils in the night sky, caused by the meeting between solar particles and the upper atmosphere) was visible from Agen and its surroundings.

However, on the night of Friday May 10, cameras were out almost everywhere in the department. A little before 10 p.m., the social networks bringing together interested parties are activated. Northern lights would be visible in Lot-et-Garonne. Neither one nor two, Stéphane, Amandine and Yohan hasten to roll their eyes.

An expected spectacle for some…

It is early in the evening when Stéphane Urban, general director of the Canelle training center (specializing in the distribution of plant, garden and pet supplies), leaves his house. The man from Foulayronnes is a connoisseur. ” I am very curious. »

Interested in weather phenomena, he was not surprised to see an aurora borealis during the night from Friday to Saturday “I look at the solar weather, so I expected it. » He testifies to this visual spectacle: “To the naked eye it was almost invisible, you can barely see an orange glow. » Quickly he sees photo after photo being published on social networks. He recounts the evolution of this very special evening: “Around midnight, I started to see vertical rays, everything was more visible with my smartphone. » A demonstration of mother nature, almost only visible at night, if the sky is clear. Small particularity, if the phenomenon is visible in the southern hemisphere then it is also visible in the north.

The Northern Lights from Foulayronnes.
Photo – Stéphane Urban

20 minutes away, in Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot, Yohan Favaretto, a young man calling himself an “amateur astro photographer” was amazed. He is not a specialist but he is closely interested in these phenomena. He photographed the Northern Lights for the first time. From his small town of 6,500 inhabitants, he noticed a “whiteout” on Friday around 10 p.m. Immediately, he takes out his phone and hammers the sky with multiple photos.

…and a surprise for others

Amandine and her father were visiting the GAP 47 Astronomical Observatory in Montayral. Curious, they simply went to one of the possible guided tours every Friday evening from 9 p.m. The wonderful clear skies encouraged a large number of interested parties to travel. The visit goes well until a member of staff arrives and calls out to the visitors, around 10:30 p.m. Amandine says: “I really wasn’t aware of it, I have very little interest in it, I I was mainly there to please my father at the base. » As the city is protected from light pollution, the aurora borealis was particularly visible in Montayral. “We could see the dawn clearly, but it was even better with the phone. » A breathtaking spectacle that left no one indifferent.

Photo taken from the GAP 47 Astronomical Observatory in Montayral.
Photo taken from the GAP 47 Astronomical Observatory in Montayral.
Picture – Amandine


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