In Cahors, Chez Maman Tattoo moves and opens a piercing space

By Marie-Cécile Itier
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May 3, 24 at 6:32 p.m.

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HAS Cahorsthe living room of tattoo Chez Maman Tattooinstalled in downtown place Clément Marot since 2022, just moved and has open its doors this Friday May 3, 2024 in rue Foch, one of the most commercial in the city. “As soon as we found this location, we did everything to have it” explains Baptiste Oster, tattoo artist. A good move since from the first day, the living room is always full. And for good reason, in addition to tattoos, the salon also offers piercings. This is precisely why the salon moved: Baptiste Oster wanted a box dedicated to drilling in the salon, which was impossible to install on rue Clément Marot.

In Cahors for two years

The tattoo artist set up his first salon, already called “Chez Maman Tattoo”, 5 years ago in Montcuq, before moving to Cahors two years ago. Previously an illustrator for children, this enthusiast, now tattooed on almost 70% of the body’s surface, started tattooing 11 years ago.

He was inspired to get started when friends gave him a tattoo machine for his birthday. “But it became a profession after several years of practice,” he explains. Originally from the North, he worked in many cities in France and Europe before settling down in the Lot. A favorite for him, who fell in love with the region for its calm, its tranquility, its “stress-free life”.

Baptiste Oster specializes in fine line tattoos, floral arrangements and illustrations. He teamed up with another tattoo artist, Wu Tangui (or Tangui Ness), who for his part practices traditional, so-called American-style tattooing.

A piercing area

For piercings, the “Chez Maman Tattoo” salon called on the Clara Malet drill. If she has only been piercing professionally for three months, it is because she took care to complete her initial training with a second, more in-depth training with one of the best and oldest piercers in France, Gé, from Under My Skin in Béziers, who taught him all the subtleties to know during piercings. Piercing came to her 11 years ago, when she decided on a whim to pierce her own ears with a friend at the age of 16. Since then, she has had around fifteen piercings done.

While she worked in the tourism industry, after Covid, she decided to abandon this path and pursue her passion. She particularly likes to offer compositions, particularly for the ears, namely piercings with jewelry adapted for a harmonious look. Currently, she sticks to classic piercings and does not do genital or micro-dermo piercings, but is ready to train if requests to this effect are made to her. Note that she also sells jewelry for piercings on all areas of the body.

Personalized projects

For piercings like tattoos, the salon supports clients from A to Z in their projects. The ideal is to go to the store to discuss what you want with the team in order to set up a completely personalized project. It is also possible to contact them via Instagram at @baptisteostertattoo or @wutangui for the tattoo artists, and at @newmoon_piercing for Clara Malet, and to find examples of their creations there.

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