Crown Prince Christian surrounded by his family to receive his diploma and discuss his future

Crown Prince Christian surrounded by his family to receive his diploma and discuss his future
Crown Prince Christian surrounded by his family to receive his diploma and discuss his future

Crown Prince Christian has completed his secondary education. The young man has just graduated and is about to start a new life. Which ? This is the question that all the journalists asked the heir to the Danish throne this Monday, when he came to collect his diploma, surrounded by his entire family.

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The heir to the Danish throne has finished high school

Crown Prince Christian, 18, wore a short-sleeved summer shirt and graduate cap on Monday afternoon when he visited Ordrup High School for the last time. The young man is about to experience a year full of changes. On January 14, barely 5 months ago, his grandmother, Queen Margrethe, abdicated in favor of her son Frederik from Denmark.

Prince Vincent, Queen Mary, King Frederik
King Frederik X hugs his son to congratulate him (Photo: Det danske kongehus)

Here he is now free, after having defended his end-of-study work which he said ” satisfied “, when he was questioned by the press on this subject. In Denmark, final year students must take a test called “SRP”. This is a large-scale work, which takes at least one course subject as a starting point and where the student decides on the subject himself. Despite the curiosity of journalists, Crown Prince Christian managed to keep the direction his work had taken a mystery, also supposed to give an indication of the student’s future project.

What future for Crown Prince Christian? The youngster remained evasive when asked about his future plans (Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard/Ritzau Scanpix/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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King Frederik X, Queen Mary, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were all there this Monday afternoon to attend the proclamation of Crown Prince Christian. The young man and his parents also agreed to respond to an impromptu press conference after leaving school.

The question on everyone’s lips concerns the future of the heir to the throne. The younger generation of heirs, from Belgium to Spain, via Norway, tends to fulfill their military duty. The heirs to the throne will one day become heads of state and therefore heads of armies. If the army, and in particular the Navy, historically runs in the veins of the Danish royal family, the new generation has so far not really appreciated the experience. Prince Joachim’s two eldest sons, Nikolai and Felix, both began their military training, which ended hastily, after only a few days.

Crown Prince Christian exults with joy upon hearing the results (Photo: Det danske kongehuset)

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Crown Prince Christian now wants to “see the world”

It seems complicated to imagine that Crown Prince Christian would skip military training, whatever its form. The most likely choice for Christian is that he begins university studies, why not abroad to guarantee him a little more anonymity. Finally, it could also be that the young man gives himself a year to think.

King Frederik

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Is a sabbatical year looming for Crown Prince Christian? Billed Bladet magazine asked the crown prince what he plans to do now. “I’ll probably go out and see the world, try new things and prepare for different things”, declared Crown Prince Christian, remaining very evasive. Queen Mary, who was closely monitoring her eldest son’s response, added: “The plans are coming together. An exciting year awaits us.” Whatever Christian’s future plans, his choice should be officially announced very soon.

Classmates of Crown Prince Christian bit and left their teeth prints on the visor for good luck (Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard/Ritzau Scanpix/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Crown Prince Christian wore the traditional cap that all graduate students wear in Denmark. There are different traditions and rituals depending on the schools. Among these customs, there is one which seems to have been respected by looking more closely at the visor. Numerous bites can be observed in the black part. Tradition has it that students bite the visors of their classmates and leave their teeth marks for good luck.

Crown Prince Christian also received congratulations from his grandmother, Queen Margrethe (Photo: Kongehuset)

Crown Prince Christian first studied at the Tranegårdskolen college in Hellerup, in the municipality of Gentofte. The rest of his school career was more eventful. In 2020, Frederik and Mary made the decision to offer a year of schooling abroad to all their children, at the famous Lemania-Verbier school. The family had therefore arranged their time to live partly in Verbier, Switzerland. Unfortunately, the pandemic completely disrupted this school period, forcing the family to cut short their new life in Switzerland and return to Denmark. At the start of the 2021 school year, Christian began his studies at the prestigious Herlufsholm boarding school. Unfortunately again, following a controversial television report concerning this boarding school, Frederik and Mary were forced to take their son out of this school where he was thriving. He finally completed his studies at Ordrup High School.

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