the teenager was harassed and threatened with death, according to her family

the teenager was harassed and threatened with death, according to her family
the teenager was harassed and threatened with death, according to her family

Nearly eight months after the disappearance of young Lina in Bas-Rhin, new testimony could relaunch the case. The team of Seven to Eighton TF1in fact questioned the cousin and the mother of the teenager, in a report broadcast on Sunday May 12, 2024.

Louane, 17, presents Lina as her ” best friend “ and his “confidante”. She claims that Lina was harassed and threatened before mysteriously disappearing in September 2023. The two young girls were very close, according to her. Lina’s cousin was never interviewed by investigators, specifies TF1.

A complaint closed then relaunched

The teenager reportedly confided in her mother about a rape she suffered in June 2022. “She really made sure not to show anything, so as not to worry or upset me. But she ended up talking about it because it seems that she suffered waves of insults following this rape”says Fanny Groll, who indicates that her daughter spoke to her about it a month and a half later.

Lina had filed a complaint for gang rape against two men aged 19 and 20. This case, initially closed without further action by the Saverne public prosecutor’s office, was taken over by the Strasbourg public prosecutor’s office, which opened a judicial investigation last February.

According to TF1 Info, Lina would have been targeted for several months on social networks but also in person. Information that Louane confirms: “I didn’t see the messages, but she told me: ‘there are some who threaten me with death’, ‘there are some who threaten the family’, ‘there are some who threaten to enter my home and catch me”. “Lina tried to keep it to herself, but in the evening, she thought about it a lot, she told me when she couldn’t sleep”continues her cousin.

Targeted thefts?

Lina’s mother also explains that her daughter was the victim of two thefts before her disappearance. The latest, in the summer of 2023, would have been committed in the garage of the family home. “We immediately thought that someone wanted to harm Lina and that it was targeted”says Fanny Groll.

Concerning the rape complaint, one of the two suspects reacted to Seven to Eight, affirming that Lina consented and that he had nothing to do with her disappearance. He also claims to have videos taken on Snapchat as alibis. The second accused did not want to react to the show.

But his profile would be of particular interest to the gendarmes, according to the revelations of Latest News from Alsace : he has already been convicted of violence against two girlfriends and is currently under investigation for a double rape committed against two other teenage girls. He was placed in pre-trial detention after a new complaint of sexual assault, according to the local daily.

“All hypotheses remain open”

Lina disappeared on the way to Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station on September 23, 2023. She had to take a train to join her boyfriend, Tao, in Strasbourg. Not seeing her arrive, he alerted the young girl’s mother.

Since then, the investigation has stalled, despite numerous calls for witnesses and searches in the area. “All hypotheses remain open”had indicated to theFrance Media Agency a Source close to the matter at the end of March. “We remain strongly mobilized”with “always around twenty investigators working[aient] on file ».



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