With stand-up, jingles and waffle iron, the Gard festival Lol & Lalala confirms its “melting pot”

With stand-up, jingles and waffle iron, the Gard festival Lol & Lalala confirms its “melting pot”
With stand-up, jingles and waffle iron, the Gard festival Lol & Lalala confirms its “melting pot”

The festival created by the duo Giedré and Pierre-Emmanuel Barré returns from August 1 to 3 in the Cordeliers park in Anduze. With the choice of offering, every day, a mixed and philanthropic program.

The choice of a precise anglicism here sums up the spirit of the festival for its fourth edition this summer.

From August 1 to 3, the Lol & Lalala festival, created by the singer Giedré and her comedian partner Pierre-Emmanuel Barré, returns for a fourth edition, still in the Cordeliers park in Anduze, Porte des Cévennes.

Mix the mayonnaise

Most of its big headliners have already been announced. So, Thomas VDB “offers us the honor of ending his tour with us”indicates Pierre-Emmanuel Barré, with the last of his show, “S’acclimate”, Thursday 1er august.

Dismissed from France Inter following his Benyamin Netanyahu joke which didn’t make everyone laugh, Guillaume Meurice is announced, “if he is still alive”, in a humor set which will also bring together the RTL columnist Alex Vizorek, Benjamin Tranié, Lisa Perrio, Audrey Vernon, Verino and the trio Blønd, Blönd & Blо́nd.

However, unlike previous editions, where humor and music were separated into two distinct evenings, the festival’s production attempts to mix all the artists. So, the singer Sophie Le Cam will accompany comedians Thomas VDB and Arnaud Aymard (who returns for a full show) Thursday 1er august. Friday August 2, the comedians will be preceded by Helene Piris to the music, then by the group Pat Kalla & the Super Mojo.

For the festival, the challenge is to experience more regular attendance over its first two days, comedians being the artists attracting the most spectators, while wanting to offer the opportunity to discover voices and notes that are sometimes too little known to the general public. A delicate choice because “not easy to do” for Giedré, “depending on the humor or the music, the viewer’s attention is not always the same.”

A waffle iron signed by Alain Chabat in a solidarity action

Like the festive ball offered on the final day last summer, Saturday August 3, the last day of the festival, once again aims to be more “relaxed” And “family”with a program of its own.

Big news: Pierre-Emmanuel Barré and his comedian friend Aymeric Lompret, who unofficially serves as the festival’s mascot due to his presence each year in the park, will host a “star bingo”. A game where everyone will have the chance, perhaps, to win objects that are both useful and precious, such as salad servers signed by Éric Judor or a waffle iron autographed by Alain Chabat. In addition to its delay, this bingo will above all be of solidarity: the money collected will be donated to the Anduze Red Cross.

Aymeric Lompret also seems to be the central figure of this last evening. After a set by the rapper Aupinard, the comedian will take the decks for a DJ evening with a “shame playlist”.

Free moments

The afternoons of the festival will be free for the public, a detail “very important for us” underlines Giedré, with a first selection of orchestra and shows in preparation, including the arrival of the crazy singer and BMX ace Didier Super, Thursday 1st of August.

While putting forward the requirements for a clean and locavore festival (with the exception of beer, although from Béziers), Lol & Lalala will also offer improv theater workshops, frescoes and craft making workshops throughout the festival. instruments. Meetings where children from Anduze and surrounding areas are more than welcome.

Prices: €23 per evening, three-night pass at €53. Full programming and reservations on lolalala.fr


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