Eva Longoria is incandescent in her incredible evening dress

On Thursday May 2, 2024, Eva Longoria appeared on Instagram, dressed in an impeccable gala outfit.

Eva Longoria, ultra glamorous. The actress appeared on Instagram with a particularly chic dress. A timeless piece.

“Never say no to a red dress”, captioned Eva Longoria under the photo published on May 2, 2024. A necessary comment, since the actress appears, wearing a long red strapless dress, which she enhanced with a pair of shiny pumps. A look worthy of an exceptional evening.

Revealed by the soap opera Desperate Housewives in the 2000s, Eva Longoria, born March 15, 1975 in Texas, has since enriched his career, retraining in the vineyard. Her style has remained glamorous as can be. If she particularly appreciates the creations of her stylist friend Victoria Beckham, she does not hesitate to wear pieces from lesser-known brands. Decryption of a very “Gabrielle Solis“.

Eva Longoria in Los Angeles on November 7, 2001 © Khayat Nicolas/ABACA

Short dresses or tight, high heels or wedges, peach skin jogging pants… When her career took off, Eva Longoria amply copied the outfits she wore on screen. Her first public appearances leave doubt: is it the actress who is inspired by her character, or the opposite?

Low-cut dresses and stilettos made up her costume wardrobe. The series, broadcast between 2004 and 2012, depicted the (not so peaceful) life of an American suburb. Eva Longoria took on the role of Gabrielle Solis, a former top model now confined to living like the neighborhood housewifes. Which did not prevent the character from transforming the famous Wisteria Lane like a real catwalk where she paraded, dressed in designer pieces.

Eva Longoria in 2004 in the series “Desperate Housewives” © Avalon/ABACA

At over 45, the actress has lost none of her sense of style: quite the contrary. Today, she generally wears outfits with fluid materials and to pastel shades. From time to time, she doesn’t hesitate to step out of her comfort zone by opting for animal prints or incandescent black dresses. Always perched on dizzying heels.

What is her red carpet style?

Eva Longoria dare, never leaving anything to chance. For red carpets, she opts for outfits that are far from going unnoticed. Shine and pop colors are there, to the delight of photographers.

Eva Longoria at the Global Gift Award in Paris on November 19, 2022 © Shootpix/ABACA

What do her casual looks look like?

In everyday life, Eva Longoria leaves evening dresses in the closet. Instead, she also wears chic sets than more technical outfits. Sporty, she masters the bralette-leggings look with an elegance of which only she has the secret.

What are his favorite brands?

Victoria Beckham, if I had to name just one. The actress is in fact the biggest fan of her friend, who launched her eponymous brand more than ten years ago. But we also find pieces in her wardrobe by Alice + Olivia, Blaze Milano or even Eobuwie, a label with which she regularly collaborates.

Nothing could be simpler, by following these 3 commandments. Number 1: you will rely on colorimetry. If Eva Longoria’s outfits highlight her so much, it’s because she selects the colors of its parts with care. Number 2: with sneakers you will twist your outfits. Want to wear a pantsuit while the dress code stipulates “casual”? No problem: a pair of sneakers on your feet should do the trick. Number 3:to dare you will never stop. Because no, a dress is never short enough, never flashy enough, never low-cut enough.



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