Antoine Dupont will have his name in the Larousse dictionary

Antoine Dupont will have his name in the Larousse dictionary
Antoine Dupont will have his name in the Larousse dictionary

Antoine Dupont, emblematic figure of French rugby, joins the pages of the Larousse dictionary alongside notable personalities from various backgrounds.

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Every year it’s a small event. Le Petit Larousse, an essential reference for French libraries, welcomes new words and names on its pages in order to adapt to society. In its 2025 edition, to be published on May 22, forty proper nouns will enrich the work. Among them, Antoine Dupont, the French rugby star, makes a remarkable entry into the dictionary.

Crowned best player in the world in 2021, the 27-year-old is making the history of his sport. Born in Lannemezan, Antoine Dupont distinguished himself with Stade Toulousain, the XV of France, and recently with the French sevens rugby team. This is howhe will be one of the leaders of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Other personalities enter

Alongside Dupont, other athletes will join the pages of the dictionary. Footballer Antoine Griezmann and basketball player LeBron James thus make a remarkable entrance, illustrating the diversity of the disciplines represented.

The dictionary also enriches its pages with renowned scientists, such as physicists Pierre Agostini and Anne L’Huillier, rewarded for their research in the field of laser pulses. The fight for human rights is also highlighted with the inclusion of Narges Mohammadi, Iranian activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The world of culture is not left out, with the addition of Cate Blanchett and Christopher Nolan, the latter having recently triumphed at the Oscars with the film “Oppenheimer”. Moreover, Omar Sy, French actor with international influence, also joins the pages of Larousse. In music, American singer Beyoncé also integrates dictionary pages.

Antoine Dupont in the dictionary from May 22

The release of the next Larousse on May 22 promises to reflect cultural and societal developments, by immortalizing the personalities who shape our time. Antoine Dupont and these personalities will find their place in the dictionary, thus consecrating their indelible mark on the French language and collective memory.



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