Mask Singer: which stars were hiding under the hamster and popcorn costumes?

Mask Singer: which stars were hiding under the hamster and popcorn costumes?
Mask Singer: which stars were hiding under the hamster and popcorn costumes?

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“Mask Singer” returned Friday evening on TF1 for a new season. Six first characters sang. Two personalities have already had to reveal their identities.

It is in the good humor that characterizes Camille Combal’s broadcasts that “Mask Singer” returned for a new season, Friday evening on TF1. With a half-renewed jury: Laurent Ruquier and Inès Reg joined Chantal Ladesou, already a juror two seasons ago, and Kev Adams. Six of the season’s twelve masked characters sang in this first broadcast.

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The first competition was between a leopard, a hamster and a pearl. The leopard sang “Tattoo” by Loreen and “Mon coeur” by Izia. The jury thought of Nolwenn Leroy, Eve Angéli or Armande Altaï and learned that the personality had already participated in a televised singing competition. The hamster performed “Papaouté” by Stromae and “Message personnel” by Françoise Hardy. The masked personality revealed that he was known for his humor without being a comedian. The four jurors cited the names of Julien Courbet, Olivier Minne, Pierre Garnier the last winner of the “Star Academy” and Vincent Lagaff. The pearl gave voice to “Parle moi” by Isabelle Boulay and “Hôtel de la Paix” by Zazie. The jury learned that the pearl did not hide an imitator and thought of Jenifer or Louisy Joseph, ex-singer of the group L5.

A journalist in the hamster costume

The audience present on the set voted to unmask the hamster. When the costume was removed, viewers were able to discover the face of journalist Jacques Legros, joker on TF1’s 1 p.m. He said he loved this role.

The second competition of the evening pitted a geishamourai, a hippopotamus and a popcorn against each other. The geishamourai performed “I still dream of it” by De Palmas and “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi. While learning that he was not a high-level athlete, the jury cited Michal – ex-candidate of the “Star Academy” – the comedian Stéphane Rousseau, the actor Bradley Cooper and the mother of Kev Adams. The hippopotamus put on a show on set to the tune of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and then “Flowers” ​​by Miley Cyrus. The members of the jury proposed Jarry, Mickaël Youn, the dancer François Alu and Hugo Clément. The popcorn sang “Y’a d’la joie” by Charles Trénet then “Bonbons caramels” by Annie Cordy. When responding to the jury, the character admitted to being a singer loved by children. The jury was divided between Chantal Goya and Dorothée.

A singer in the popcorn costume

Following the vote of the jury and the public, it was the popcorn character who was chosen to unmask himself. The impressive costume hid, as two members of the jury had found, Chantal Goya.

“Mask Singer” will return next Friday on TF1 with the performances of six new masked personalities. Like previous seasons, international stars joined the cast.



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