Aid intended for millions of parents increases this year, this is how much you will receive

3 million families can benefit from substantial financial assistance this summer. The amount was even revalued by the government.

If summer vacations often rhyme with sun and relaxation, they are also synonymous with significant expenses. At the start of the school year, bank accounts are sometimes dry. A situation that is all the more damaging given that a few months later the end-of-year holidays will once again put a strain on household budgets. And in the meantime, families are faced with the onerous period of children going back to school.

School bags, pens, markers, notebooks, binders… school supplies are particularly expensive. Fortunately, 3 million families can benefit from a significant financial boost to cover these expenses.

This is the back-to-school allowance (ARS), aid paid each year to millions of parents. This bonus is allocated by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) and the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA), but certain parents can still benefit from it, even if they are not already receiving benefits from social organizations.

This year, good news for beneficiary families: the ARS has been increased by 4.6%. The amounts allocated vary depending on the age of the child: 416.40 euros for children aged 6 to 10 and the youngest enrolled in CP, 439.38 euros for those aged 11 to 14, and 454 .60 euros for teenagers aged 15 to 18. The official payment date of the ARS is set around August 20, 2024. For Mayotte and Reunion, payment should take place earlier, at the beginning of August.

The allocation of ARS is subject to certain conditions, in particular the level of resources of families, which varies according to the number of dependent children. To receive the allowance in 2024, the reference tax income (RFR) for 2023 must not exceed 25,775 euros for one dependent child, 31,723 euros for two children, or even 37,671 euros for three children. The resource ceiling amounts to 27,141 euros for a household with a dependent child in 2024, to which must be added 6,263 euros per additional child.

The steps to take to benefit from ARS depend on the age of the child. For children aged 6 to 15 whose parents are already CAF beneficiaries, payment will be automatic. For children under 6 years old entering CP, or for young people aged 16 to 18, a school certificate must be sent.



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