BUMMBUMM BOOKS: Ute Behrend: Cars and Cows

BUMMBUMM BOOKS: Ute Behrend: Cars and Cows
BUMMBUMM BOOKS: Ute Behrend: Cars and Cows

With Cars and Cows, Ute Behrend gives us his subtle observations on the myth of the progress of the American dream and the fragility of our times – a poetic look beyond the roadside!

As the American dream has matured and gradually deteriorated, Ute Behrend’s photographs bring together two outdated models that recall the good old days of the United States: American Classic Cars and ancient livestock.

During her travels across the United States, the Cologne-based photographer repeatedly noticed Chevrolets, Cadillacs and other classic American cars, some lovingly maintained, others abandoned on the side of the road. At the same time, she continued to look into the watchful eyes of the longhorns and other cattle. These have more in common with the motorized witnesses of the American dream than one might imagine: both are registered and numbered, emit an inappropriate amount of climate-damaging gases CO2 and methane, pollute l environment and are symbols of an era that reveled in abundance and methane, famous emblems of its wealth. Ute Behrend’s empathetic gaze allows for a certain nostalgia without sinking into kitsch.

Ute Behrend: Cars and Cows
Hard cover, sewn binding, metallic embossing, pseudo-leather 18.1 x 24 cm
88 pages, 48 ​​color images
German, English
Edition of 500 copies
Price €45




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