without makeup and in ‘pajamas’, she reveals herself naturally and fascinates the Web, “Beautiful without effort”

After the famous Cannes Film Festival and the Roland-Garros tournament, the stars continue to put on their show throughout the spring events. On the front line, fans can scrutinize the looks and beauty of their favorite singers and actors. But these personalities are not the only ones to roam the red carpets and photocalls. Among the celebrities who are also captivating attention this season is Carla Bruni.

The former First Lady and absolute fashion icon was recently spotted looking resplendent at the presentation of Pomellato’s fifth high jewelry collection in Milan. And it was all in red, at the height of glamour, that Carla Bruni lit up the event. But This is another image of the 56-year-old that recently caused a stir on social media. A photo of her without makeup, dressed simply in pajamas, was widely circulated during a photo shoot for a renowned French magazine. This return to simplicity seems to have struck a chord with his admirers.

Carla Bruni, a renowned model even before becoming First Lady

Before becoming an emblematic figure as First Lady of France, Carla Bruni was already an international modeling star. Her career particularly exploded in the 90s. She notably paraded for the biggest fashion houses, from Chanel to Christian Lacroix, including Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent.

With her elegant looks and natural charisma, Carla Bruni has established herself as one of the most iconic faces in the fashion industry. Alongside her modeling career, the latter also cultivated a passion for music, successfully launching her singing career. Her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 also propelled her onto the international political scene.. But Carla Bruni has never ceased to captivate the public with her grace and inimitable style.

photo credit: Tom Nicholson/Shutterstock Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy at the Élysée on June 8, 2024

Carla Bruni: a very natural beauty look praised by Internet users on the Web

This Monday, June 10, 2024, Carla Bruni once again caught the attention of Internet users during a shooting for the cover of the issue of Vanity Fair. For its summer edition of June and July 2024, the famous magazine opted for simplicity. The former First Lady therefore appeared naturally, without makeup, dressed in simple pajamas. Jackpot for the fashion icon! This image, of rare authenticity, highlighted the timeless beauty of Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife. And we love it!

For her beauty look, Carla Bruni chose an ultra sober make-up composed of a radiant and slightly tanned complexion, a little mascara embellished with a luminous tip in the inner corner to highlight her eyes and nude lips. As for her hair, the model tamed her brown mane by sporting natural, slightly relaxed waves. A natural but effective combo which did not fail to charm the Web. “Effortlessly beautiful. “, ” With ease. », “I love Carla, she is magnificent and full of sweetness. », “I have a crush on Carla. »exclaimed the members of his virtual community.

What are Carla Bruni’s beauty secrets to counter the effects of time?

And for good reason… Despite the passing years, Carla Bruni displays a young and radiant appearance which arouses admiration. But what are its beauty secrets to maintain such freshness? First of all, mom takes a minimalist approach to makeup. She prefers to highlight her natural beauty rather than hiding it under heavy layers of products. Her idea of ​​beauty is based on simplicity and authenticity.

photo credit: Tom Nicholson/Shutterstock Carla Bruni during the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival

To keep such a slim figure, Carla Bruni also doesn’t skimp on maintaining her body. “I do two hours of sport a day. I impose a lifestyle on myself that annoys me immensely. It’s the only thing I regret. […] I make endless efforts to stay slim: barre, elliptical, a little Pilates. »she explained in the columns of the magazine SHE.



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