Deprived of a telephone, a teenager kills his parents and his sister

Deprived of a telephone, a teenager kills his parents and his sister
Deprived of a telephone, a teenager kills his parents and his sister

The minor, here spotted by an urban camera, killed his father, mother and sister on Friday May 17. He was arrested on Monday.

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A Brazilian teenager killed his parents and sister in the family home after being deprived of his phone, according to details of the investigation released Wednesday.

This triple homicide which shocked Brazil took place on Friday, in the economic capital Sao Paulo (south-east), but was only revealed on Monday, when the 16-year-old contacted the police to say that he had killed three members of his family by gunfire.

He reports himself to the police

“The police were called by the teenager himself, who confessed to the crime,” explained the Sao Paulo Security Secretariat in a statement.

“He revealed that on Friday he had used the service weapon of his father, a 57-year-old municipal police officer, to kill him, as well as his 16-year-old sister and his 50-year-old mother,” said this press release.

The commissioner in charge of the investigation, Roberto Afonso, explained on Wednesday during an interview with local television station TV Record that the teenager had felt “very frustrated” after being deprived of his mobile phone by his parents. after an argument.

Behind his adoptive father’s back

The story is particularly chilling: the minor, who was adopted, then decided to take the service weapon of his father, a municipal police officer, to shoot him in the back, killing him instantly.

He then went upstairs and shot his sister in the face. The teenager then waited several hours for his mother to return, whom he killed with the same weapon.

“We need to understand if this is a frustration linked to some kind of disorder,” said the commissioner, also hypothesizing that a “third party” could in some capacity be involved in this matter.

Three days with the corpses

According to investigators, the teenager remained at the family home with the three bodies for three days, until his detention on Monday, after contacting the authorities.

During this time, he went to a gym and shopped at a bakery. He told police he stabbed his mother’s body “in rage” on Saturday, the day after the triple homicide.

“Cold attitude”

According to the commissioner, the teenager had a “cold attitude” when reporting the facts.

He was placed in an institution for minors, the criminal age being set at 18 years in Brazil. Due to his age, he cannot be accused of crimes, but he will answer to the “offenses” of homicide and femicide, illegal carrying of a firearm and harm to the integrity of a corpse.




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