Dmitri Malyshev, the Russian cannibal released from prison to fight at the front

Dmitri Malyshev, the Russian cannibal released from prison to fight at the front
Dmitri Malyshev, the Russian cannibal released from prison to fight at the front

His name is Dmitri Malyshev, he is 36 years old and was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for killing and dismembering a 46-year-old Tajik migrant worker. He then ripped out his victim’s heart, fried it with vegetables and ate it. Originally from Volgorad, Dmitri Malyshev is now fighting at the front against kyiv. who noticed Malyshev’s Web publications, the latter is today one of those prisoners released to swell the Russian armed ranks, on the front line.

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“People convicted, including for serious crimes, pay for their crime with blood on the battlefield,” explained Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov, also justifying the massive and indiscriminate recruitment carried out in Russian prisons. .

Pardoned and paid, Dmitri Malyshev would have committed himself “in the name of preserving the traditional values ​​of Russia”, out of “conviction”. “I understood why I was going and where I was going. How would you feel if your little girl was taught how to put on a condom in elementary school? Or what if men walked down the street and licked each other? Is this normal for you? This is not normal for me,” he also explained to the Volgorad journalist who managed to find her.

Share your homophobic positions abundantly

Dmitri Malyshev signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense in October 2023 and is still believed to be part of the furious “Storm Z” battalion today. The Russian soldier is, according to the Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta, currently hospitalized. “A grenade hit me. My jaw is broken, there are shrapnel in my knee and my left arm,” he assured.

On social networks, the Russian often appears all smiles and likes to share his homophobic positions abundantly. He also allegedly killed a migrant worker after he made advances towards him. Dmitry Malyshev with another mobilized prisoner: Alexander Maslennikov, 38, convicted in 2017 of rape and the murder of two women. He had dismembered them.

As for Dmitri Malyshev, who is nicknamed too nicely the “heartbreaker”, he was convicted in 2015, he notably filmed his crime entirely with a cell phone. “We roast human meat. Here it is: the heart. I already added onions,” he commented on the video. Quoted by several local media, he claims today to have been under the influence of alcohol.



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