An avatar as spokesperson: “It’s the next step,” says an expert

An avatar as spokesperson: “It’s the next step,” says an expert
An avatar as spokesperson: “It’s the next step,” says an expert

The use of an avatar as a spokesperson by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine is a novelty which fits logically into this technological transition which follows the advent of artificial intelligence, according to an expert.

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“It’s quite surprising, but that’s the outcome,” says the host of the digital news podcast My notebookBruno Guglielminetti.

Although virtual spokespeople have been used to convey a message before, “this is the first time that an avatar […] will take the floor to explain the point of view of a country,” specifies Mr. Guglielminetti.

He adds that the Ukrainian government “still wanted to reassure people by saying that it is a human – for the moment – ​​who will be in control of the text that the avatar will deliver.”

The specialist recognizes, however, that “we have gone elsewhere” with this novelty.

He notes that this technology also puts certain professions at risk, such as that of news anchor in the media.

“That’s not good news for the people who do your work,” he said to host Michel Jean.

“In China and South Korea, there are already clones of the anchors who have been produced in the image of the original and who manage to deliver bulletins, here and there in the programming, so that, it already exists, synthetic characters who speak,” says Mr. Guglielminetti.

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