Boaters who throw their waste into the ocean cause a scandal

Boaters who throw their waste into the ocean cause a scandal
Boaters who throw their waste into the ocean cause a scandal

In Florida, boaters have caused a scandal since a video of them emptying their trash cans into the ocean made the rounds on social networks.

05/02/2024, 2:51 p.m.05/02/2024, 4:33 p.m.

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Young American boaters have sparked outrage since they were filmed in Florida dumping two trash cans full of waste into the ocean.

Meanwhile, in Florida…

The incident took place last Sunday on the sidelines of the “Boca Bash”, a nautical festival which brings together nearly 10,000 revelers each year on Lake Boca Raton, a suburb of Miami. In the images, we see two of the group members go to the back of the boat and empty the contents of their trash cans into the ocean, in a festive atmosphere.

The video quickly went viral on social networks and local media relayed it, generating outraged reactions. The “Boca Bash” organization denounced the facts in a press release, deeming them “completely unacceptable”. They also announced that they had identified the group in question.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was notified of the incident and began an investigation. Identified polluters risk legal action, ranging from a fine of $1,000 up to a year in prison. (sbo)

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