Florida significantly restricts abortion rights

Florida significantly restricts abortion rights
Florida significantly restricts abortion rights

While the right to abortion is one of the subjects dominating the presidential campaign, Florida will see a very restrictive law in this area come into force on Wednesday. Vice-President Kamala Harris herself is expected on site to express her indignation.

As President Joe Biden had already done a few days ago, she should attack Republican Donald Trump by making him responsible for the bans or restrictions on voluntary terminations of pregnancies decided by many states for two years.

Florida will now prohibit any voluntary termination of pregnancy after six weeks, compared to fifteen weeks previously.

“Hold Trump to Account”

“Voters will hold Trump accountable,” Joe Biden assured on April 23. The 81-year-old Democrat also went to Florida, this southeastern state, one of the most populous in the country, which twice voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, and where his campaign team is almost taken aback. dream of an electoral feat in November.

The Republican regularly congratulates himself on being at the origin of the spectacular reversal of jurisprudence of the Supreme Court in June 2022.

The institution, to which he had given a very conservative composition, had then shattered the protection at the federal level of the right to abortion, returning responsibility to the States.

So far shelter for women

Kamala Harris intends to “discuss the harm done by abortion bans at the state level, and to insist that ‘It was Trump who did that'”, said the campaign team of the American president and his running mate. .

The 59-year-old vice-president, the first woman, and first African-American and Asian-American person in this position, has made numerous declarations on this theme in recent months.

Before Wednesday, Florida was a refuge for women in the southeast of the United States, a region where bans or restrictions have multiplied.

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