A look back at “the State in the cloud”: a day dedicated to the Cloud in the public sphere

The DINUM invited all players in the Cloud ecosystem on March 5, in the presence of high-level witnesses, to share their analyzes on the strategic and regulatory developments of the Cloud, in France and in Europe and to share an overview of the situation. adoption of the Cloud in the public sphere.

May 21, 2024

The observation was clear from the opening of this second edition of the “State in the Cloud” day: a significant acceleration!

The event was held in a sold-out capacity in the offices of the Prime Minister and brought together three times more participants than last year. Nearly 400 participants represented the entire Cloud ecosystem, and were made up of more than 60% public officials, but also representatives of Cloud, SNC and non-SNC offers, journalists, etc.

The program was structured between great testimonials on Cloud strategies in France and Europe – from regulations to organizational transformation -, the presentation of offers and concrete feedback, within the framework of around twenty sessions led by 40 speakers.

Interventions supplemented by times of informal and friendly exchanges, particularly around “corners” presenting different offers: the BIN Cloud, the internal interministerial Clouds Pi and Nubo, and the SNC offers (Cloud Temple, OVHCloud, 3DS Outscale).


A look back at the main messages of the day

A permanent dialogue between sovereignty and innovation

The main messages of the day highlighted the importance of a dynamic dialogue between sovereignty and innovation. Securing France’s data and digital infrastructure remains a priority, requiring a rigorous approach to sovereignty.

However, to remain competitive in the global market, innovation driven by cutting-edge technologies is essential. Thus, it is imperative to advance French and European offers, in particular through partnerships between the public and private sectors, and initiatives such as the demonstrator project.

The gradual strengthening of the French Cloud ecosystem

It is illustrated by the significant growth in the use of national Cloud services: the annual amount of orders sent to French Cloud providers on the market operated by UGAP increased by 70% between 2022 and 2023, and the offers internal interministerial Clouds Pi and Nubo have also seen their capacities increase rapidly. The pooling of purchasing resources and the sharing of good practices are also essential elements to optimize the use of available resources and guarantee efficiency in the implementation of projects.

A profound and organizational transformation

The transition to a Cloud-oriented production chain involves an in-depth review of processes, teams and tools. This transformation requires cultural change, close collaboration between teams and a desire for change at all levels of public entities.

The acceleration of digital transformation driven by the Cloud is necessary in order to meet business needs with agility and speed.

Community growth and satisfaction

Following the event, more than 30 new members joined the Cloud Adoption community, which now brings together more than 450 members, all public officials. This space makes it possible to extend the discussions initiated during the Cloud day, to share the materials projected during the event and more broadly news and information on the Cloud in the public sphere.

Join the community

Participants gave an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 to the satisfaction questionnaire. It also reveals varied expectations from participants: technical and legal in-depth studies, participatory workshops, times for informal exchanges, feedback and use cases. Elements that DINUM will take into account for future events linked to the Cloud. The meeting has also been made for next year and 94% of participants have expressed their desire to participate. The DINUM also recognizes the importance of highlighting the State’s successes in the field of Cloud in order to multiply good practices, attract and promote skills and finally pool approaches.

“I would especially like to thank DINUM for this day full of information and so well organized! »

“The place was just perfect […] »

“Well done for this day”

“Congratulations to Vincent Coudrin and Nina Landes for this organization and the quality of the interviews and speakers”

“Very satisfied with the quality of the presentations!! […] Thank you for everything and well done. It was a great day”

Verbatims from the satisfaction questionnaire



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