What will happen in the July 3 special prime? Detailed episode summaries

What will happen in the July 3 special prime? Detailed episode summaries
What will happen in the July 3 special prime? Detailed episode summaries

Since last Friday, June 21, Such a big sun is no longer broadcast on France 2. Rest assured, this cancellation is only temporary. The flagship soap opera will make its grand return to its usual slot on Monday, July 8. The series was canceled for several weeks to make way for the legislative elections and the official campaign. Because of this, viewers still do not know what happened to Christophe, aka the Florist, who is wanted by the police. To catch up, La Deux has decided to offer a special evening Un si grand soleil this Wednesday, July 3. During the exceptional prime time, seven new episodes will be broadcast in a row. For those who can’t wait, find out in advance what will happen.

Episode 1416

A woman running in the forest discovers a dead man. It is Christophe. She calls for help. Becker tells Janet that Sylvio is innocent. Clément rides his bike to relax. He is called to inform him that a body has been found. Hugo is shocked to discover that Christophe committed suicide. He left a letter for Cécile and Achille, and another for the police. The death dates back 48 hours. He is said to have injected himself with a lethal mixture. Becker tells Cécile of Christophe’s death and gives her the letter.

The florist wrote to her that he never lied about his love for her and only regrets making them suffer. Cécile announces the news to her son. Boris suggests Muriel has an interview. Elisabeth is impressed, but her three-month-old child bothers her. Muriel tells him that she will make arrangements. She wants to think about his offer, because she has been made other interesting proposals. Alain thinks that she should accept to increase her salary.

Episode 1417

Janet asks Clément if she can see Sylvio to turn the page and ask him for forgiveness. Becker tells her that she does what she wants, he trusts her. Achille has not been able to sleep, he thinks a lot about Christophe. Margot decides to return to Montpellier to support her sister. Muriel tells Eliott that she is going to start a new job and take on a childminder. He reminds her that Eve is there if needed. Elisabeth informs Alain that his schedule will be lightened, she has agreed to hire Muriel. He is delighted. Cécile is angry with Christophe, he manipulated everyone and killed people.

Janet asks Pavan for forgiveness. She tells him that she is relieved to have told her husband the truth. Sylvio is happy that she is happy. Elisabeth has to go to Belgium for work, which annoys Alain. She was supposed to come to dinner with Tiago and Flore. Muriel leaves with Elisabeth, who is impressed by her express organization. Achille goes to the basketball court where he liked to play with his adoptive father. Hugo is there too. Achille cannot see Christophe as a murderer. Hugo takes him in his arms. Cécile and Margot are worried about Achille’s behavior. He is on edge and ends up crying in Margot’s arms.

Episode 1418

Cécile thinks back on all of Christophe’s lies. Achille leaves when she arrives for breakfast. Margot thinks he needs to be given time. He expresses his anger at the only parent he has left. Cécile takes care of the funeral while Margot manages Achille. Hugo blames himself for not having seen Christophe’s game more clearly. Yann tries to calm him down. Tiago, Noura and Tom don’t know what to do to help Achille get through this ordeal. Noura decides to go visit him. Achille confides in her. He can’t stand his mother tarnishing the good memories with Christophe. Manu summons Charles to the police station regarding the murder confession letter. He’s afraid he’s ratted him out.

Christophe says in his letter that he acted alone, but the policeman has doubts. Charles tells him that they got along well and would never have thought that he could kill people. Stéphanie receives a visit from Jonathan in her shop. He has approached customers in Béziers and wants to open a new shop. Stéphanie offers Carine a manager position. Cécile goes to see Sylvio at the church. She wants him to officiate at Christophe’s funeral. He accepts. She confides in him. Cécile gives Achille Christophe’s letter that evening. She confesses to him that she is very angry with Christophe, but his father loved him. The young man is very moved when he reads his late father’s letter.

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Episode 1419

Achille returns to school. He doesn’t have much of an appetite. Cécile tells him that he can call her if necessary. She worries about him and can’t stop blaming herself for not having seen anything about Christophe. Stéphanie warns her daughter that she’s going to be home late. She has a big bag to deliver, but she hesitates, it’s very risky. She finds herself facing a police check. Someone has escaped from prison. The police find the bag full of bills. Becker is certain that the Florist had an accomplice. He thinks it’s Charles.

Achille reads articles about the victims and his father. He doesn’t want to go to class or take his mind off things, despite the support of his friends. Pavan sees that Charles looks tired and tells him that if he needs to talk, he’s there. Charles calls Cécile to find out what to do with the office. She lets him take care of it for a while and asks him about Christophe. He tells her that he didn’t see anything strange in his behavior. Charles ends up going to see Sylvio at the church. He admits to having helped Christophe bury Darius’ body. The priest advises him to tell the police, but Charles is too afraid of going to prison. He starts to cry.

Episode 1420

Florent tries to make up for it with Claire by doing the shopping and eating. But he is held up because of a call, he has to go to the police station, he is assigned. Stéphanie is arrested and taken to the police station. She says she doesn’t know why this money was in her car. Elise thinks that Stéphanie has double accounting to launder money. She assures Elise that her friend makes money with securities activities. It is Jonathan Lebel. It is the day of Christophe’s funeral.

Achille feels that everyone has let his father down, except Hugo and Charles. The latter is touched by Sylvio’s speech, which serves as the farewell ceremony. Charles confesses to Manu what he did. He explains that Christophe saved him from Darius, so he owed him. He is taken into custody. Noura has not heard from her mother and is worried. Becker reveals Charles’ confession to Cécile. She does not know what to think.

Episode 1421

Picard wants to reach the drug network via Lebel, Stephanie’s friend. Elise thinks she could collaborate with the police. Noura is still waiting for news from her mother. Berthier and Boris check the company’s turnover. They think they need to attract the general public in hypermarkets. The downward trend could become worrying. Boris wants to order a study to better understand why people are buying fewer L.Cosmétiques products. Elisabeth doesn’t consider this study urgent. Becker asks Florent to convince his client Stephanie to play the mole. Florent finds it risky. Becker promises that she won’t have any trouble once it’s finished. She will be under surveillance for 24 hours.

Becker asks Stéphanie to deposit the 200,000 euros in Andorra. When she returns, she will give the information to the police. She accepts the deal. On her way out, she leaves a message for her daughter to tell her that she has been arrested. Nathalie and Berthier return to the casino. She believes in her luck thanks to him. Florent has prepared a romantic dinner for Claire. Communication between them has stopped. When she receives a call from Kira, Claire leaves the dinner. Florent knows that it will be complicated to revive their relationship. Elisabeth offers Alain a limited edition of the magic flute, he is delighted. She confides in him that she is happy to have a right-hand man now.

Episode 1422

When Florent gets up, he sees that Claire has had breakfast without him. Noura takes care of her mother, who explains that the police simply took her for a robber who looks like her. Noura is afraid that her mother is hiding something from her. Achille is furious when he sees the comments about his father. He says that the Florist has rid society of harmful people and saved lives, but no one talks about that. Cécile wonders if she should stay in the justice system. She was manipulated by a serial killer and regrets it. Picard tells her that she is an excellent judge. Elise installs software on Stéphanie’s phone so that the police can hear her conversation with Jonathan. Manu and Hugo think that Charles simply helped Christophe with Darius, not with the other murders.

Achille can’t stand being looked at like the son of a serial killer and prefers to isolate himself in the school toilets. Noura comforts him. Charles is indicted for concealment of a corpse and complicity in murder. No charges should be brought against him, Manu is confident. Charles tells Cécile the news. He regrets not having told her the truth sooner. She understands what he must have felt. Claire doesn’t want to go home. Florent makes an effort, but it makes the situation worse. All this rings false to her. Stéphanie tells Florent that she can’t play the mole anymore. Jonathan got angry when she asked him about the customers. She’s scared. Margot goes back to find Akim. She promises Achille and Cécile that she’ll come back and starts crying in her car.



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