DIRECT. Croatia-Italy: the two teams do not decide between themselves at the break


It’s the break in Leipzig. At the end of a dull first period with few opportunities, Croatia and Italy returned to the locker rooms back to back. The Squadra Azzurra is therefore provisionally qualified in the eighth.

In the other group match, Spain leads against Albania.

45+1′. Pasalic seeks Brozovic

Pasalic sends a curling cross towards Brozovic at the penalty spot but the Croatian midfielder cannot recover the ball!

45′. Additional time: one minute

44′. Lots of technical errors

Both teams are quite clumsy technically, missing crossbars for example.

43′. Kramaric does too much

On a dangerous Italian loss of ball, Kramaric gets the ball on the side to play a 3 against 2 but gets confused.

42′. Suction blocked

Modric works on the right side before serving Sucic, who tries to force his way into the box. The Italians break free.

41′. Nice numbers for Torres

40′. Croats in difficulty

The Croats have the ball in their camp but are hampered by good Italian pressing.

39′. Calafiori very serene

Another good intervention from Calafiori in front of Kramaric on a ladle from Brozovic.

38′. Modric cannot find Pasalic

On a corner found at two, Modric tries to find Pasalic at the far post but the Croatian is too short and well blocked by the Italian defense.

37′. Italy much better

The Squadra Azzurra finished this first period very well by being much more aggressive in the duels. Pellegrini shows himself more.

36′. Livakovic again!

Calafiori serves Pellegrini at the edge of the area. The Italian turns around and sends a left cross shot well caught by Livakovic.

35′. Many mistakes

The faults accumulate on both sides. The match is broken.

33′. Livakovic’s save on video

32′. Small point group B

If all the scores remain there, Italy would join Spain in the round of 16 with second place. Croatia would be virtually eliminated with two points.

31′. Donnarumma says no to Modric

The Croatian midfielder is served at a tight angle and sends a huge right shot which is repelled by Donnarumma. Kramaric can’t touch the ball on his return!

30′. Stat’

58% possession for Croatia compared to 42% for Italy.


On a combination from a corner, Barella gets the ball outside the area and crosses at the far post towards Bastoni who sends in a powerful header… Pushed back at the last minute by Livakovic!

27′. Retregui a real poison!

On a ball lost by Stanisic, Retregui is served to the left of the area and hits from a tight angle. Pongracic sends the ball for a corner.

26′. Spain’s goal in video

25′. Good intervention from Livakovic

Retegui is sent deep but is caught by Livakovic, well out of his cage to clear the ball.

24′. Yellow card for Sucic

Guilty of a late foul on Pellegrini.

23′. Retegui again!

The Italian striker controls the ball in the area and sends a left shot sent for a corner.

22′. Corner missed by the Italians

Brozovic returns the Italian corner with a header.

21′. Retegui close to opening the score!

On another very good cross from the left, Retegui is found at the far post but misses the target on his head!

18′. Jorginho with the ball


17′. Pongracic close to being surprised

Retegui tries to go on the counter between Sutalo and Pongracic but he steps on the ball. However, he gets a very good free kick in the middle.

16′. The magnificent Donnarumma stop


This will interest the Croats! Olmo serves Ferran Torres on the edge of offside, who will deceive Strakosha. 1-0 for Spain!

14′. Imperial Darmian

Sucic (him again) hits on the right side before crossing towards Kramaric at the far post… Darmian wins.

13′. The Strakosha Parade!

In the other match of the group, the Albanian goalkeeper won thanks to his feet in front of Merino. La Roja is growing!

12′. Pellegrini dangerous

Dimarco rushes again on the left side and crosses towards Pellegreni, who tries a diving header… It misses.

11′. The pace is very slow

The Croats pass the ball to each other and wait in the central circle.

9′. The Croats can’t do it

Kovacic’s teammates are far too static and wait for the ball at their feet. The Italians defend well.

7′. Di Lorenzo dangerous

Di Lorenzo rushes down the left side and sends a cross towards Retregui. Pongracic takes the ball away with an angry tackle!

6′. Italy will play against

The Squadra Azzurra try to quickly project themselves forward on the left side with Dimarco well stopped by Stanisic.

5′. Sucic shows up!

The young Croatian sends a cannonball into the edge of the area well deflected by Donnarumma!

4′. Deep suck

Stanisic sends Sucic deep but Bastoni anticipates very well and leaves the ball outside the goal.


3′. Long phase of possession for the Croats

The Vatrani have had the ball for several minutes but are unable to advance thanks to the solid Italian block.

2′. Italians already hot

REUTERS/Angelika Warmuth

1′. Let’s go to Leipzig!

The Croats kick off this clash! We will also follow the big actions of the match between Albania and Spain!


The 22 actors enter the field

Time for the national anthems at the Leipzig Stadium.


The Blues will be for Spain

In the event of a victory or draw for Spain against Albania, the Blues would be guaranteed to play in the round of 16 of the Euro. Enough to have one eye, or even both, on the meeting…


Player to watch: Luka Modric

Little in sight since the start of the Euro, the eternal 38-year-old Croatian captain will have to put out a huge match to hope to qualify his team.

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Italy wants to pass quietly

Currently second, Squadra Azzurra, which lost against Spain, must win or draw to validate its ticket for the round of 16.


Croatia on the edge of the precipice

With only a small point in this group B, Luka Modric’s teammates are on the verge of elimination and must imperatively win against Italy if they want to reach the round of 16.


And finally that of the Croats

Livakovic – Stanisic, Sutalo, Pongracic, Gvardiol – Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic – Sucic, Kramaric, Pasalic.


Then that of Albania

Strakosha – Balliu, Djimsiti, Arlind Ajeti, Mitaj – Ramadani, Asllani – Asani, Laçi, Bajrami – Manaj.


The Italian eleven also without Chiesa

Donnarumma – Bastoni, Calafiori, Darmian – Di Lorenzo, Barella, Jorginho, Pellegrini, Dimarco – Raspadori, Retegui


The Spain line-up is out

Raya – Navas, Vivian, Laporte, Grimaldo – Merino, Zubimendi, Olmo – F. Torres, Joselu, Oyarzabal.



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