Units from Military Zone No. 4 hit hard

As part of Operation Sentinel East, units of Military Zone No. 4 succeeded in dismantling a major clandestine gold panning site in Sayansoutou, located in the Saraya department.

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This operation, aimed at combating the irregular exploitation of gold, made it possible to put an end to an illegal activity which threatened the natural resources and the environment of the region.

During the intervention, 58 individuals were arrested. Among them, 23 people were taken into custody for further investigations. The other 35 arrested, mainly women and children, were released after checks.

The police also seized several materials used for clandestine gold panning. The list of equipment seized and returned to the Gendarmerie is as follows: 13 motor pumps, 2 generators, 28 motorcycles, 38 gold crushers, 64 shovels and 5 solar panels.

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