Forest fires | Status report Sunday morning

Forest fires | Status report Sunday morning
Forest fires | Status report Sunday morning

The Cities of Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier reported the situation on Sunday morning. Poor air quality requires precautions. Monitoring and evaluation of fires north of Sept-Îles. Setting up a camp for SOPFEU.


The fires progressed less than expected in the MRC of Sept-Rivières. They are progressing towards the north. The City of Sept-Îles states that based on current conditions, no inhabited area is threatened. However, the pre-alert for the Gallix and Lac-Labrie sectors is maintained.

Interventions continue using air tankers, helicopters and ground teams.

“A lookout and assessment of the terrain is beginning on fire #214/#226 located approximately 30 km north of Sept-Îles,” we can read in the City’s press release. “An intervention plan will then be put in place.”

“The City of Sept-Îles is collaborating with SOPFEU to set up a temporary camp which will be located in the arena parking lot and on the surrounding land,” we can read. “This camp will make it possible to accommodate forest firefighters and additional SOPFEU personnel in the coming days.”

Due to poor air quality, the Public Health Department recommends that more vulnerable people stay indoors and avoid intense physical exertion.

Port Cartier

The City of Port-Cartier reported the situation at 11:50 a.m. Sunday. The main issue for the next few hours is poor air quality. “It is recommended to follow public health instructions,” we read in the City’s press release.

The fires in the Port-Cartier sector are growing, but are heading north. Aerial watering will continue and ground crews will be added.

Plumes of smoke could be observed throughout the day. The state of emergency and the evacuation of targeted sectors are maintained.



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